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Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs - Aztecs Live (1971 australia, solid loud classic rock with roots traces, 2007 digipak remaster with extra tracks)

The Aztecs were formed from the combination of the Vibratones, an instrumental band from Sydney, and vocalist Billy Thorpe. This band didn't remain together for very long, but the entrepreneurial Thorpe quickly formed a new band under the same name. The second incarnation of Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs comprised some of the best session musicians of the time, and played mainly middle-of-the-road rock and ballads. After the break up of the second band, Thorpe spent some time mastering guitar, and thinking about the musical approach for his next band. In 1968, the Aztecs rose again, this time comprising well known musicians and with a blues/R&B sound. This band endured through numerous line-up changes until finally breaking up when Thorpe left to travel to the USA. 

On Sunday June 13, 1971, the Aztecs, Chain, Daddy Cool, Wild Cherries, La De Da's, Healing Force and Lotus were the line-up for a concert at the Melbourne Town Hall. Taking advantage of such a big occasion, the Aztecs decided to record their set for a live LP and TV special -- complete with a 30 foot inflatable starfish type creature that deflated too early and had to be held up by various roadies and friends so the band could keep playing! The resultant LP Aztecs Live (also know as Live At Melbourne Town Hall) captures the band on the brink of becoming the biggest band in Australia, and a rare document of the Thorpe, Matthews, Morgan and Wheeler line-up. 

The deluxe reissue of this album is augmented by the 6 A & B sides of the Aztecs' singles for the Havoc label -- including 'The Dawn Song' and the monster hit (and all-time Aussie classic ) 'Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy.' Plus, as an additional bonus, a never before available track: 'Long Live Rock 'N Roll,' live from the Rosebud Outdoor Festival in 1972. Digitally remastered by Gil Matthews, with liner notes by Ted Lethborg. The 24-page booklet is full of great quotes and many rare images from the Live Aztecs TV special.
1. Somebody Left Me Crying (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 10:50
2. Time To Live (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 17:34
3. Be Bop A Lula (Gene Vincent, Sheriff Tex Davis) - 14:39
4. Momma (Part 1) (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 5:33
5. Drum Solo (Gil Matthews) - 6:31
6. Momma (Part 2) (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 6:33
7. The Dawn Song (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 14:41
8. Time To Live (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 16:26
9. Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy (Billy Thorpe) - 14:18
10.Regulation 3 Puff (Billy Thorpe, Gil Matthews, Paul Wheeler, Bruce Howard) - 7:44
11.Believe It Just Like Me (Billy Thorpe) - 3:06
12.Get To Hell Out Of Here (Billy Thorpe) - 4:02
13.Long Live Rock 'N Roll (Billy Thorpe) - 7:08
Tracks 1-6 Originally released in December 1971
Tracks 7-8 originally released as single in 1971
Tracks 9-12 originally released as singles in 1972
Track 13 recorded live at Rosebud outdoor festival 1972 

The Aztecs
*Billy Thorpe - Vocals, Guitar
*Gil "Rathead" Matthews - Drums, Vocals
*Paul "Sheepdog" Wheeler - Bass
*Warren Morgan - Piano, Organ, Vocals (Tracks 1-8)
*Bruce Howard - Piano (Tracks 9-13)