Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shocking Blue - Scorpion's Dance (1970 dutch, wonderful beat psych with country shades)

Shocking Blue's second album was partly recorded in New York and continues the band's exploration of Americana and country music, although its style is firmly rooted in rock. "Alaska Country" is one of the most obvious references to America, but "Sally Was a Good Old Girl" is a cover of an early-'60s country hit by songwriter Hank Cochran; Shocking Blue's rendition chugs along in a rock groove that reveals the source of its material with a touch of banjo. 

As always, the focal point is the inimitable voice of Mariska Veres, but songwriter/guitarist Robby VanLeeuwen shows no sign of a sophomore slump. There isn't an obvious hit single candidate like the previous album's "Venus," but Scorpio's Dance makes up for it with solid consistency. "Daemon Lover" is moody and mesmerizing, and the title track is a spaghetti western soundtrack in search of a film (the cover photo, appropriately enough, was shot in a cactus field). "I Love Voodoo Music" is colored with bongos and jungle sound effects, while "Water Boy" sees the return of VanLeeuwen's sitar. It's a diverse collection of songs that reveals the group's artistic growth but, in America at least, saw no chart action. 
by Greg Adams

1. Scorpio's Dance (First Movement) - 0:38
2. Alaska Country - 3:52
3. Sally Was A Good Old Girl (Harlan, Howard) - 3:29
4. Daemon Lover - 6:04
5. Scorpio's Dance - 3:44
6. Little Cooling Planet - 4:05
7. I Love Voodoo Music - 4:02
8. Seven Is A Number In Magic - 2:59
9. Keep It If You Want It - 2:55
10.Water Boy - 2:38
11.Send Me A Postcard - 3:06
12.Mighty Joe - 3:19
13.Hello Darkness - 2:56
14.Pickin' Tomatoes - 3:22
15.Keep It If You Want It - 2:54
16.Sally Was A Good Old Girl (Harlan, Howard) - 3:26
All songs by Robbie Van Leeuwen except where noted

Shocking Blue
*Mariska Veres - Vocals
*Robbie van Leeuwen - Guitar, Vocals
*Cor van der Beek - Drums
*Klaasje van der Wal - Bass Guitar

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