Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Street - Street (1968 us, wonderful psych rock)

The strong, slightly different lead voice of Anya Cohen is the main asset of Street (for- merly known as Anya's Street) and it should help the group's debut album pull healthy sales. Good arrangements and instrumental work by the group is another plus, and Street produces a varied sound that will appeal in a wide audience. Strong sides are "There': One Kind Favor," and an "If I Needed Some- one"/ "Tomorrow's A Long,  Long Time" medley, and "High Heel Sneak.
1. Multilevular Conversational Tightrope Walkin' Shoes (Judy Fine) - 3:19
2. Boeing 707 (Rick Shorter) - 3:15
3. Some Thoughts Of A Young Man's Girl (Rick Shorter) - 2:53
4. If I Needed Someone/Tomorrow's A Long, Long Time (George Harrison/Bob Dylan) - 5:55
5. See See Rider (John Williamson, Michael Lynne, Rick Shorter) - 2:56
6. What A Strange Town (Rick Shorter) - 6:04
7. It's Hard To Live On Promises (Rick Shorter) - 3:10
8. There's One Kind Favor (Anya Cohen, Rick Shorter) - 2:58
9. High Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham) - 2:53

*Will Betz - Bass, Electric Guitar
*Al Camardo - Percussion
*Tom Champion - Drums, Percussion
*Anya Cohen - Vocals, Percussion, Tambourine
*Michael Lynn - Bass, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Vocals
*John Williamson - Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals