Thursday, June 15, 2023

Midnight Sun - Midnight Sun (1971 denmark, spectacular jazz prog rock)

Midnight Sun is a group based on the Rainbow Band, which was formed by former Young Flowers member Peer Frost with musicians in the jazz field. The band name was changed to Midnight Sun. This is their first album released from Danish Sonnet in 1971.

As mentioned above, the members are Frost, Bo Stief, Niels Bronstead, Bent Hasselmann, Kirsten Smedegaard's Rainbow Band. A 6-member formation with Alan Mortensen newly added to the 5 members, co-produced by Freddie Hanson and the band, sleeve design by Roger Dean. Most of the songs are first recorded as the Rainbow Band, but even though they are remakes, the arrangements are somewhat different, giving the impression that the whole is more sophisticated and jazzy. 

It has a good sound as a jazz rock with bluesy vocals, which is similar to the IF style, and the slightly husky and smoky English vocals are more addictive than Rainbow Band, which may be too bright. Especially the highlight is "Living on the Hill", which lasts for 15 minutes and shows a solid prog-like development, where Frost plays bluesy and hard guitar, and the hard explosion is relatively cool. good. The guitar playing rhythm and the keyboard are both fluent and skillful, and I think it's a good record that crosses the sticky heaviness of Northern Europe and the feeling of British jazz-rock.
1. Talkin' (Allan Mortensen, Niels Bronsted) - 5:11
2. King Of The Sun (Allan Mortensen, Andy Levy, Bent Hesselmann) - 4:35
3. Nobody (Niels Bronsted) - 5:06
4. Where You Going To Be? (Andy Levy, Bent Hesselmann) - 5:38
5. B.M. (Bo Stief) - 2:34
6. Sippin' Wine (Allan Mortensen) - 3:06
7. Living On The Hill (Lars Bisgaard, Peer Frost Johansson) - 15:02
8. Rainbow Song (Bent Hesselmann) - 3:47

Midnight Sun
*Peer Frost Johansson - Guitars
*Niels Bronsted - Piano
*Bent Hesselmann - Tenor, Soprano Saxophones, Flute
*Bo Stief - Bass
*Carsten Smedegaard - Drums
*Allan Mortensen - Vocals