Monday, May 23, 2022

Grits - Rare Birds (1976 us, extraordinary jazz prog rock, similar to canterbury sound)

Grits was Washington D.C.'s most popular progressive group back in the 1970s. Rare Birds is over 75' of music recorded live 8/21/76 at a free concert in The Muffins' backyard. This was probably their single best performance and it was fortuitously recorded!! This spotlights the band at their pinnacle, featuring long tracks with tons of jamming never recorded in the studio. The sound is excellent and extremely live and vibrant, and this is the definitive release by them. Includes their 25' opus for electric viola and rock band "Rare Birds" and much more.
1. Jupiter Jam - 13:04
2. Inside Straight - 11:58
3. Communa Lacrimosa - 3:37
4. Easy For You - 3:03
5. Glad All Over - 3:31 
6. As The World Grits - 14:11
7. Rare Birds - 25:51
All compositions by Rick Barse

*Rick Barse - keyboards, vocals
*Tom Wright - guitar, viola, bass, vocals
*Amy Taylor - bass, violin, female vocals
*Bob Sims - drums, vocals
*Brian Rapp - Percussion (Tracks 2,7) 
*Ned Davis - Percussion (Tracks 2,7)