Monday, June 15, 2015

Moxy - Moxy (1975 canada, excellent heavy rock)

Moxy was formed in 1974 by Buzz Shearman from the ashes of his previous act, Leigh Ashford. The same year the band was formed it was signed to Polydor records in Canada, mainly due to the popularity and success of Leigh Ashford and Buzz Shearman's reputation. The band's first album was recorded in California in only two weeks with co-producer Mark Smith, and as luck would have it, guitarist Tommy Bolin was recording next door. Bolin was so impressed with Moxy that he added some guitar work to the LP. After recording the album simply titled Moxy, the band headed back to Toronto and enlisted guitarist Buddy Caine to fill in the guitar parts that Bolin had added to the album. 

The debut album originally released in 1975 is a powerhouse of hard rock tunes; it was picked up by many radio stations in the U.S.A. and was a number one requested album in Texas. The success of the album lead to a contract with the Mercury Records label in the U.S. and a national distribution deal. This release by Unidisc Records is a straight reissue of the original Mercury/Polydor Records album at a budget price complete with original artwork, but unfortunately, it contains no bonus tracks.
by Keith Pettipas
1. Fantasy (Earl Johnson) - 5:42
2. Sail On Sail Away (Earl Johnson) - 4:53
3. Can't You See I'm A Star (Earl Johnson) - 3:37
4. Moon Rider (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) - 4:27
5. Time To Move On (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) - 4:10
6. Still I Wonder (Earl Johnson) - 4:18
7. Train (Earl Johnson, Robert Bonnell) - 4:39
8. Out Of Darkness (Into Τhe Fire) (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) - 4:57

*Buzz Shearman - Vocals
*Earl Johnson - Guitar
*Terry Juric - Bass
*Bill Wade - Drums
*Tommy Bolin - Guitar
*Tom Stephenson - Piano

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