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St. John Green - St. John Green (1968 us, freak out garage dark psych)

Deep in the brown burnt hills of Southern California, there is a place called Topanga Canyon. The people wholive there are mostly musicians who grew weary of the many harassments of our culture. Dedicated musicians who searched for and found a place where they could  create their music in pace. 

These Canyon Groups (as they have come to be known) are not neon hippies , but  artists who have fled the music profession's hangers-on –al the phonies on the rock scene with their dubious talents and destructive ambitions. Here, in the serenity of Toppanga, the Canyon Groups hold festivals and concert! Where they learn from each other and grow. 

Here, in the home they've made for themselves, they meet to exchange ideas in an atmosphere of tolerance and creativity. Here they have found tranquility and freedom of expression in a setting of flowers, trees and grass.

Of all the Canyon Groups, St. John Green is perhaps the most mystical both in the religious and philosophical sense. Each of their songs is intensely dramatic, intensely concerned with life and its mysteries. As arranger Mike Baxter explains: "In our environment we have experienced both good and evil. 

Our concept of evil is constructed in our music in hopes that those who listen and understand might learn to enjoy the beauty that really exists. We have learned from the people  of the Canyon that there’s no substitute for being individually free. This is reflected in our songs and explains  why each is different from the other. 

Perhaps the imagination, the fire and the Sheer artistry of St. John Green would have found its outlet in any setting. But those who know—those who have listened and understood and applauded these compelling, haunting songs like to think that the magic of the Canyon inspired the magic of St. John Green.
1. 7th Generation Mutation (E. Bissot) - 3.19
2. Canyon Women (K. Fowley) - 3.01
3. Devil And The Sea (M. Baxter, V. Sambino) - 2.18
4. Do You Believe (E. Bissot) - 2.11
5. Help Me Close The Door (E. Bissot) - 1.02
6. Messages From The Dead (E. Bissot) - 4.09
7. Goddess Of Death (E. Bissot) - 2.25
8. St. John Green (K. Fowley) - 3.05
9. Spirit Of Now (M. Baxter, V. Sambino) - 2.33
10.Love Of Hate (E. Bissot) - 2.11
11.One Room Cemetary (K. Fowley) - 3.43
12.Shivers Of Pleasure (M. Baxter, E. Bissot,  K. Fowley) - 3.19

St. John Green
*Ed Bissot - Bass, Vocals
*Vic Sabino - Harmonica, Vocals
*Bill Kirkland - Guitar
*Mike Baxter - Organ
*Shel Scott - Drums

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