Monday, May 25, 2020

Mutzie - Light Of Your Shadow (1970 us, raw heavy blues brass rock, 2007 remaster)

Spawned by the same scene that produced The Stooges, MC5 and Bob Seger, this Detroit quartet made only one record, which originally appeared in August 1970. A heady brew of hard rock, blues, jazz and funk, it sold poorly, meaning that the band (who shared stages with the Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, and many other leading acts of the era) splintered soon afterwards, leaving behind just one lost gem.
1. Highway (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg, Barry Levenburg) - 5:55
2. The Light Of Your Shadow In Two Movements (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg, Mike Theodore, Gary Harvey) - 9:56
.a.The Inception (Incl. The Transition)
.b.The Consummation (Incl. The Judgement)
3. Cocaine Blues  (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg) - 4:32
4. Jessie Fly  (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg, Mike Theodore) - 4:49
5. Because Of You  (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg) - 2:39
6. The Game (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg, Mike Theodore, Gary Harvey) - 2:49
7. Daily Cycle (E. "Mutzie" Levenburg, Barry Levenburg) - 3:18

*E. "Mutzie" Levenburg - Guitar, Vocals
*Fred Boldt - Bass Clarinet, Baritone, Bass Saxophones
*Robert Cowart - Flute, Oboe, Tenor Sax
*Chuck Feger - Flute, Tenor Sax
*Dave Kovarick - Tenor Sax
*Andee Levenburg - Organ
*Barry Levenburg - Bass
*Nick Palise - Flute, Alto, Soprano Saxophones
*Marc White - Drums

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