Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Unison - Unison (1976 us, great heavy blues psych rock)

Original private pressing LP out of Upstate NY,  This is pretty good mid to late 70's style dual guitar hard rock stoner, in the vein similar to Truth and Janey, but more psychedelic and more wasted!"

"Dryewater run into Truth and Janey after a really nasty relationship breakdown. Essentially a concept LP about a relationship gone wrong, each song being a different aspect of how “his chick done him wrong”. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? But it is pretty good, with tracks like "Borderline" delivering that seventies chunk fuzz with insane lyrics and "Cookin’ for you" having so much phasing it could be Marcus 
1. Borderline - 3:16
2. Blow Me Away - 3:07
3. Flesh And Blood - 3:42
4. Cookin 'For You - 3:15
5. Again - 4:31
6. Second Chance - 4:45
7. Running Out - 4:07
8. So Many Miles - 7:33

The Unison
*Bruce C. Van Iderstine - Vocals, Congas, Harmonica
*Guy D. Van Iderstine - Electric Six Twelve String Guitars
*Mark A. Tuberdyke - Lead Guitar
*John N. Vasey - Bass
*David Richmond - Drums, Vocals

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