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Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck (1971 uk, tremendous heavy prog psych rock, 2007 bonus tracks remaster)

Their name taken from the popular linguistic inversion of the time (Fuzzy Duck - Duzz ’E Fuck?), this early 70s UK progressive rock quartet featured Paul Francis (drums), Mick Hawksworth (bass), Roy Sharland (organ) and Garth Watt-Roy (guitar/vocals). Prior to the band’s formation Hawksworth had played with Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People, while Sharland had been a member of Spice and worked with Arthur Brown. Watt-Roy had been a member of Greatest Show On Earth. 

Fuzzy Duck recorded one self-titled album for Mam Records and two singles, ‘Double Time Woman’ and ‘Big Brass Band’, for the same label. The album, which was musically if not lyrically impressive, was originally issued in a scarce edition of 500 back in 1971. This album is classic keyboard-driven British progressive rock in the vein of Soft Machine and Caravan. 
by Dean McFarlane
1. Time Will Be Your Doctor (David Brown, Graham White, Paul Francis) - 5:12
2. Mrs. Prout (Paul Francis, Roy Sharland) - 6:49
3. Just Look Around You (Mick Hawksworth) - 4:24
4. Afternoon Out (Paul Francis, Roy Sharland) - 4:58
5. More Than I Am (Mick Hawksworth) - 5:34
6. Country Boy (Grahame White, Paul Francis, Roy Sharland) - 6:04
7. In Our Time (Mick Hawksworth) - 6:41
8. A Word From Big D (Grahame White, Mick Hawksworth) - 1:40
9. Double Time Woman (Garth Watt-Roy) - 3:00
10.Big Brass Band (Tim Martin, Walt Meskell) - 2:58
11.One More Hour (Garth Watt-Roy, Mick Hawksworth, Paul Francis, Roy Sharland) - 3:59
12.No Name Face (Garth Watt-Roy, Mick Hawksworth, Paul Francis, Roy Sharland) - 3:03
Bonus Tracks 9-12

The Fuzzy Duck
*Mick Hawksworth - Bass, Vocals, 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Cello
*Roy Sharland - Organ, Vocals, Electric Piano
*Paul Francis - Drums, Percussion
*Grahame White - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Garth Watt Roy - Electric Guitar, Vocals

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