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The Standells - Try It (1966-67 us, great classic garage psych with r 'n' b traces, Sundazed release)

The "Try It" album was comprised of tracks recorded throughout 1966 and into early 1967. As a general rule of thumb, the LP's mighty punk tracks were from mid to late '66, including the incredible "Barracuda", a wisely rescued outtake from the "Why Pick On Me" LP sessions, while the more orchestrated "blue-eyed soul" cuts ("Ninety-Nine And A Half", "Can't Help But Love You", etc.) were culled from sessions in early '67.

The bonus tracks "Get Away From Here" is taken from the Riot On Sunset Strip soundtrack master. The cut was recorded live on a Paramount Studio soundstage and, due to a recording error on behalf of the original engineers, is missing the drum track in the final mix.

Track 12, the second version of "Try It", features an alternate lead vocal: check out the "Dirty Water" reference in the opening lines. However this performance was shelved in favor of the looser, more unrestrained vocal used for the released master.

"Animal Girl" and "Soul Drippin" were issued as the the last Standells 45 on the Tower label, single #398, recorded late 1967 and issued in early '68.  "Can You Dig It" is a previously unissued track from the same session, which was to be their last as a group for the Tower label.
1. Can't Help But Love You (E. McElroy, D. Bennett) - 2:43  
2. Ninety-Nine And A Half (W. Pickett, S. Cropper, E. Floyd) - 4:50    
3. Trip To Paradise (E. McElroy, D. Bennett) - 2:58  
4. St. James Infirmary (Unknown, E. Cobb) - 3:09    
5. Try It (J. Levine, M. Bellack) - 2:51    
6. Barracuda (E. Cobb) - 2:27    
7. Did You Ever Have That Feeling (B. Safir) - 3:04    
8. All Fall Down (D. Dodd) - 2:24    
9. Poor Shell Of A Man (D. Dodd) - 2:46    
10.Riot On Sunset Strip (T. Valentino, J. Fleck) - 2:24    
11.Get Away From Here (L. Tamblyn) - 2:08    
12.Try It (Alternate Vocal) (J. Levine, M. Bellack) - 2:47    
13.Animal Girl (M. Moore) - 3:08    
14.Soul Drippin' (D. Monda) - 2:41    
15.Can You Dig It (E. Cobb, E. McElroy) - 4:02    

The Standells 
*Larry Tamblyn - Organ, Vocals
*Tony Valentino - Guitar, Vocals
*John Fleck - Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
*Dick Dodd - Drums, Lead Vocals

The Standells
1966  Dirty Water (Sundazed bonus tracks edition)
1966  Why Pick On Me (Sundazed edition)

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