Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mother Earth - Satisfied (1970 us, marvelous soulful folk blues roots rock, 2005 edition)

Tracy Nelson doesn't touch everyone, but once she does, she carries you away. She can be sexual and spiritual not successively but on the same note and breath; she seems to suffer and to transcend suffering simultaneously. Vocally, Mother Earth is now Tracy Nelson, and although in theory I miss the male voices--especially Robert St. John's, whose songwriting always added something too--I'm not really complaining. Yet this record is a slight disappointment. I love it, but I know that my prejudices are strong and that only once--on her own composition, "Andy's Song"--does Tracy burst calmly into free space as she does so often on the two previous Mother Earth lps and on Tracy Nelson Country. Recommended unequivocally to her cadre and equivocally to the benighted.
by Robert Christgau
1. Satisfied (Martha Carson) - 3:59
2. Groovy Way (S. Taylor) - 4:20
3. Get Out Of Here (Bobby Charles) - 4:23
4. Ruler Of My Heart (Naomi Neville) - 6:24
5. Andy's Song (Tracy Nelson) - 4:31
6. Take Me In Your Arms, Rock Me A Little While (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland) - 3:11
7. You Won't Be Passing Here No More (J. Thomas) - 5:00
8. This Feeling (Scott Miller) - 6:30

*Tracy Nelson - Vocals
*Andy Mcmahon - Piano, Organ
*Bob Cardwell - Guitar
*John Andrews - Guitar
*James Day - Pedal Steel
*Ben Keith - Dobro
*Dave Zettner - Bass
*Karl Himmel - Drums
*Farrell Morris - Percussion
*The Earthmen (Dave Zettner, Bob Cardwell, Andy Mcmahon) - Backing Vocals

1968  Mother Earth - Living With The Animals
1969  Mother Earth - Make A Joyful Noise

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