Friday, October 14, 2022

Survivor - All Your Pretty Moves (1979 us, classic hard rock and metal crossover sound highlighted by outstanding guitars, 2003 bonus track remaster)

"No connection with the band who recorded Eye of the Tiger"

The only album by Shreveport, LA, hard rockers Survivor, All Your Pretty Moves is gritty, tough, but still supple and groovy enough to be an unmistakable product of the late '70s -- born before the likes of Journey, Foreigner, and a more famous, "Eye of the Tiger"-toting namesake could dilute hard rock into slicker AOR; and before heavy metal went into a thrash-fueled overdrive that would distance it from roots like those heard here. Vintage rockers such as "So Blind," "Breakout," and "Black Sea" contain harmonizing twin guitars inspired by Thin Lizzy, and high-energy stomps like "The New Order" and "Kristallnacht" recall several Judas Priest anthems of the day, but plagiarizes none of them. 

All are topped with not altogether powerful but still serviceable vocals from frontman Brian Clark, who's equally at ease feigning Philip Lynott's knowing, conspiratorial tone as he is at approximating Rob Halford's less strident registers. And two more, particularly notable highlights shed additional light on a less explored, but arguably even more effective, softer side of the group's talents. 

The first, "Deceive Me," is a stunning, slow-building dreamscape that eventually breaks out into a truly epic climax; and the second, closing ballad "Back to the Homeland," unfurls a glorious guitar melody so stirring and laconic, it challenges 1970s six-string wizard Ritchie Blackmore for sheer, supernatural, dark-tinged beauty. That final song alone would justify this reissue's existence, but for those not already desperate enough to replace their super-rare and scratched-up vinyl copies with the 2003 Monster Records CD, there's also a non-album cover of Mott the Hoople's "Rock and Roll Queen" to consider. Simply put, All Your Pretty Moves is a worthwhile addition to the library of any serious classic rock enthusiast. 
by Eduardo Rivadavia
1. The New Order - 4:11
2. So Blind - 5:05
3. Breakout (Brian Clark) - 4:17
4. Deceive Me (Brian Clark, Pat O'Hara, Paul Restovich, Brian Martini) - 7:10
5. Kristallnacht - 5:20
6. Black Sea - 4:07
7. Delicate Adversary - 4:06
8. Back To The Homeland (Brian Clark, Paul Restovich) - 5:35
9. Rock 'n Roll Queen (Mick Ralphs) - 7:16
All songs by Brian Clark, Pat O'Hara, Paul Restovich except where noted

*Brian Clark - Bass, Vocals
*Brian Martini - Drums
*Pat O'Hara - Guitar
*Paul Restovich - Guitar, Vocals