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Altona - Altona (1974 germany, good prog kraut rock, 2016 remaster)

With their roots as ex-Thrice Mice members, Altona wisely chose this new name (Altona is a town on the edge of Hamburg) when dropping the former band's classical edge in preference for a jazzier front. 

On their debut Altona played a lively fusion that crossed many boundaries, but kept the Blodwyn Pig feel that dominated the early Thrice Mice recordings.

Notably, they sounded almost like a hybrid of Birth Control and Creative Rock, occasionally hinting at Eiliff, with songs and instrumentals that were full of surprises!

A few Altona members later reappeared in the obscure band Dirty Dogs.
from The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
1. Can't Live Without You - 4:09
2. Cocopus - 5:39]
3. Uberlandfahrt - 4:06
4. 7/4 - 4:17
5. Boulevard - 5:01
6. Frustration - 6:47
7. Hide Yourself - 5:50
All Music and Lyrics by Altona

*Klaus Gerlach - Guitar
*Karl-Heinz "Carlo" Blumenberg - Vocals, Soprano Sax
*Karl-Heinz Gossler - Drums
*Fritz Kahl - Bass
*Werner Von Gosen - Guitar
*Wolfgang Wülff - Tenor Sax
*Michael Von Rönn - Tenor Sax

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