Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Jaggerz - We Went To Different Schools Together (1970 us, groovy rhythm 'n' blues with psych elements)

The Jaggerz, who formed in the Beaver Falls/Aliquippa Pennsylvania, around 1965, released their first single in 1968 and produced their first album on Philadelphia's Huff-Gamble label in 1969. Although they regarded themselves as a rhythm and blues act, The Jaggerz broke the charts with "The Rapper", a more pop sounding single they recorded on the Kama Sutra label in 1970. "The Rapper" reached the number one spot in the pop music charts in March of that year, and became a gold record. (Based on the success of their single, The Jaggerz toured the country and appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

After band member Jimmie Ross left to join the Skyliners in 1975, the Jaggerz disbanded. More recently, Ross, along with three other original band members, revived the group earlier this year and released a CD of old Jaggerz favorites, as well as some new tunes. 
1. The Rapper (Dominic Ierace) - 2:47
2. I Call My Baby Candy (Dominic Ierace) - 3:02
3. Memoirs Of The Traveller (Joe Rock, Dominic Ierace, Benny Faiella) - 3:33
4. With A Little Help From My Friends (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 6:39
5. At My Window (Joe Rock, Dominic Ierace) - 4:13
6. Looking Glass (Joe Rock, Dominic Ierace, Benny Faiella) - 3:33
7. Things Gotta Get Better (Joe Rock, Thom Davies, Billy Maybray) - 3:59
8. Carousel (Joe Rock, Thom Davies, Jim Pugliano) - 5:25
9. Don't Make My Sky Cry (Joe Rock, Thom Davies, Billy Maybray) - 3:21
10.That's My World (Joe Rock, Thom Davies) - 3:44

The Jaggerz
*Dominic Ierace - Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
*Jimmy Ross - Tube, Trombone, Bass, Vocals
*Benny Faiella - Guitar, Bass, Bacground Vocals
*Thom Davies - Organ, Piano, Trumpet
*Billy Maybray - Bass, Drumbs, Vocals
*Jim Pugliano - Drums, Background Vocals