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The Academy - Pop Lore According To The Academy (1969 uk, essential jazzy psych folk rock, 2006 japan remaster)

The text on the back cover of the LP Pop-Lore According To The Academy preached among others, that we are not dealing with pop, folk and blues, but with something completely new! Such notes were typical on plates of the 60's and as far as they are sometimes true, it is not necessarily in this case ...

The album was the first title in the history of the tiny label Morgan Blue Town (known connoisseurs with a collectable plates Pussy groups and Motherlight) -founded by wzińôtego, session drummer Barry Morgan.

Polly Perkins is as happily ensconced as any EastEnders cast member could feasibly be in such an unremittingly grim environment, holding down the role of Dot Cotton’s sister, Rose. In 1969, however, she was one of the two lead vocalists in a studiously unconventional jazz-folk quartet called The Academy.

One album the quartet Academy released in March 1969,contained just twelve neatly arranged, but rather sparingly made ​​songs that combine elements of folk, jazz, and (to a very limited extent) psychedelia. Of course, in a way it was a novelty, but back then, incredibly rich in music exciting times you had to try harder to deserve to be called a precursor.

The band occurred two vocalists (including gifted with clear voice Polly Perkins), and the instrumentation consisted of electric and acoustic guitar, flute and saxophone. As you can see, there was composed of drummer and it was a major flaw in all this lovely music, as some fragments sounded almost like a demo, including opening a whole, underdeveloped enroll With The Academy; jazzy Polly Perkins Georgie Brown Loves You, and a little Jethro Tull The Girl In His Mirror. The absence of drums and bass engenders an oddly austere, parsimonious, claustrophobic atmosphere.

However, special mention deserves the typical folk, including captivating vocals and very melodic Munching The Candy, delicate, played only on guitar and flute Poor Jean, quite catchy, referring to Russian folklore, recorded minn. oboe with Rachel's Dream and She returned home-based resonance saxophone, flute and graceful vocal harmonies. Interesting.
by Adamus67
1. Enrol With the Academy - 2:47
2. Munching the Candy (P. Perkins, L. Davis) - 2:56
3. Anya Anya - 3:13
4. Quiet and Gentle - 2:58
5. Poor Jean - 3:49
6. Polly Perkins Loves You Georgia Brown (D. Walter, L. Davis) - 1:47
7. Rachel's Dream - 4:03
8. Thank You Mary Hayley Bell (P. Perkins, L. Davis) - 2:39
9. The Girl in the Mirror - 3:47
10.She Returned Home - 3:54
11.Deadline (D. Walter, L. Davis) - 2:53
12.Yellow Star - 3:55
Music by Richard Cobby, lyrics by Lena Davis unless otherwise stated.

The Academy
*Dick Walter -  Flute
*Richard Cobby - Guitar
*Polly Perkins - Vocals
*Damon J. Hardy - Vocals
*Lena Davis - Lyrics

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