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The Far Cry - The Far Cry (1968 us, amazing psychedelic blues jazz rock)

An early entry to the horn-rock sweepstakes, this seven piece outfit hailed from Boston, which was in the throes of the notorious "Bosstown hype" when their album was recorded. Featured the talents of bassist Sean Hutchinson, guitarist Paul Lenart, keyboard player Larry Luddecke, sax player Dick Martin, drummer Victor McGill, guitarist David Perry and singer Jere Whitting. Signed by the short-lived New York-based Vanguard Apostolic Records, the band's self-titled debut teamed them with producer Daniel Weiss. 

Imagine Blood, Sweat and Tears locked into a closet with Captain Beefheart and Quicksilver Messenger Service's John Cipollina. Largely original (the lone exception being a cover of Riley King's 'Sweet Little Angel'), the album featured a strange blend of jazz, fusion and psychedelic rock moves. 

The combination of styles was actually intriguing, blending howling vocals, biting electric guitar and avant-garde saxophone with other instruments such as vibraphone, organ and conga. 
1. Shapes (David Perry) - 4:29
2. Midnight Juice (Jere Whiting, Larry Luddecke) - 7:19
3. Dream? (Julia Grossman, Victor McGill) - 9:51
4. Hellhound (Jere Whiting) - 3:43
5. Earthlight (David Perry, Paul Lenart) - 3:39
6. Sweet Little Angel (Riley King, Jules Taub) - 8:05
7. Listen To The Walls (David Friedel, David Perry) - 6:51

The Far Cry
*Jere Whiting - Vocals, Harmonica
*Dick Martin - Tenor Saxophone, Congas
*Larry Luddecke - Organ, Piano
*Paul Lenart - Guitar
*David Perry - Guitar, Vocals
*Victor McGill - Drums
*Sean Hutchinson - Bass

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