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Man - Revelation (1969 uk, sensational psych prog space rock, 2009 remaster and expanded)

A blast from Man's psychedelic past, this debut shows the band making an auspicious debut with Hammond-drenched guitar rock. It's easy to see, between the spacy effects and unearthly vocal choruses of their single "Sudden Life," how Man positioned themselves between the space prog of Nektar and the acid-fried rock of Quicksilver Messenger Service. 

When "The Future Hides Its Face" melds Apollo mission control transmissions with jamming, it's certainly evocative of time both musically and historically. "And Castles Rise in Children's Eyes" takes a more measured and orchestral approach, while the wonderful "Don't Just Stand There" is the great should-be single of the album, careening as it does between spiraling organ solos and sunny choruses of harmonica and Dylanesque vocals. Not every experiment works on this album, but when Man get it right, they get it very right. 
by Paul Collins
1. And In The Beginning..... (Roger Leonard) - 4:22
2. Sudden Life (Roger Leonard, Clive John) - 4:40
3. Empty Room (Clive John, Ray Williams) - 3:43
4. Puella! Puella! (Woman! Woman!) (Mike Jones) - 3:34
5. Love (Roger Leonard) - 2:52
6. Erotica (R. Leonard, C. John, Mike Jones, Jeff Jones, Ray Williams) - 4:10
7. Blind Man (Roger Leonard) - 4:17
8. And Castles Rise in Children's Eyes (Mike Jones) - 3:21
9. Don't Just Stand There (Come in Out of the Rain) (Mike Jones) - 4:15
10.The Missing Pieces (R. Leonard, C. John, M. Jones, J.Jones, R. Williams) - 1:55
11.The Future Hides Its Face (Roger Leonard) - 5:30
12.Erotica (First Version) (R. Leonard, C. John, M. Jones, J.Jones, R. Williams) - 8:40
13.Sudden Life (Roger Leonard, Clive John) - 4:12
14.Love (Roger Leonard) - 2:52
15.Erotica (R. Leonard, C. John, M. Jones, J.Jones, R. Williams) - 4:14  
Bonus Tracks 12-15

*Deke Leonard - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Clive John - Keyboards
*Ray Williams - Bass
*Micky Jones - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Jeff Jones - Drums

1969  Man - 2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle (2009 Esoteric remaster)

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