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Thirty Days Out - Thirty Days Out (1971 us, amazing guitar rock with folk psych shades, 2010 edition)

Thirty Days Out were formed New York in 1971 by John Micaleff (pronouced "McCullough"), a folksinger from Michigan and Jack Malken, who had previously been with The Outcasts. After teaming up with Melnick and Lowe, they found a place to practice but had to relocate in Greenfield, Massachussets when their neigbours complained! They soon managed to get a recording contract with Reprise and their first album was released in the summer of '71.  

Produced by Larry Marks (previously in charge of Lee Michaels and Phil Ochs) their debut was recorded in New York and L.A. On offer are eight tracks penned by Micaleff and Malken, which mix competent guitars with early seventies style vocals. Influenced by Free on some tracks (Doing The Best That I Can and Survival, a rip-off of Clover's Shotgun). The most interesting element is probably the keyboard parts played by two ace sessionmen, Larry Knechtel and Jim Dickinson. The lyrics have often a Christian content and the overall result is rather undistinguished. In fact the album is maybe mainly notable for a weird packaging idea, as it came wrapped in a poster of a steamliner. Once the shrink was opened, the hidden black and white sleeve with pictures of the group would appear.
1. Everybody's Looking For Someone – 4:28
2. Mama Come See Me Tonight – 2:56
3. Home On The Road – 4:09
4. Living Like One (Jack Malken) - 3:10
5. Hoy Hannah – 2:37
6. Survival (Jack Malken, John Micallef) - 4:55
7. Taking The Chance (Jack Malken, John Micallef) - 3:32
8. Forever – 3:57
9. Doing The Best That I Can (Jack Malken, John Micallef) - 5:28
All songs by John Micallef except where indicated

Thirty Days Out
*Phil Lowe - Drums, Vocals
*Jack Malken - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Monte Melnick - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
*John Micaleff - Vocals, Guitar
*Jim Dickinson - Keyboards
*Larry Knechtel - Keyboards

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