Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Strange Days - 9 Parts To The Wind (1975 uk, exciting epic prog glam rock, 2011 remaster)

One of the better British progressive one-offs has finally gotten the CD treatment it has long deserved. Led by guitarist, singer and songwriter Graham Ward, the four-piece was the standard g/k/b/d configuration, with a fairly high profile for keyboardist Eddie Spence. The six songs from the album proper reflect a fairly wide range of ideas and styles, with a penchant for elaborate arrangements and suite-length multi-part compositions. Each of the pieces focuses on a story, lyrically not unlike Genesis in their Selling England period, although the music and arrangements might better recall the Strawbs in their post-folk mid-70s period, or even the best of Crime-era Supertramp. 

The opening cuts from each side of the original LP tend to be more catchy, hook-filled pieces with strong melodies and standard song structures, yet bearing all the aforementioned qualities. The remaining songs are the more lengthy (as in seven-to-ten minute) multi-part song suites, often laced with a slight sense of humor that make this album essential for any serious fan of mid-70s style progressive rock.  It's good to finally have this on CD, this one is essential.
by Peter Thelen, 01/01/2008
1. 9 Parts To The Wind - 4:28
2. Be Nice To Joe Soap - 6:45
3. The Journey - 10:02
4. Monday Morning - 4:03
5. A Unanimous Decision - 8:24
6. 18 Tons - 7:29
All compositions by Graham Ward 

Strange Days
*Graham Ward - Vocals, Lead Guitar
*Eddie McNeil - Drums, Percussion
*Phil Walman - Vocals, Bass
*Eddie Spence - Keyboards