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John And Beverley Martyn - Stormbringer! (1970 uk, folkish vein with jazzy feel, 2005 remaster expanded edition)

Behind him were a couple of charming acoustic albums in London Conversation and The Tumbler; ahead of him was his '70s purple patch of Bless The Weather, Solid Air, Sunday's Child and One World. These find him in transitional mode, working with his new wife, the folk singer Beverley Kutner (the Posh and Becks of the late'6os jazz/folk scene). The results are lovely enough cocktails of gentle hippydom that will have you reaching for your kaftan and joss-sticks, but neither rank among his greatest works.

That said, there are three good reasons why you should buy them in their new format. Stormbringer, marginally the weaker of the two albums, now has Mr and Mrs Martyn's original demo added to it. This contains a previously unreleased track: One Of Those Days, which is just Beverley singing over John's guitar, completely pared down, completely gorgeous. Well worth the price of admission alone.

The most important of all- because John Martyn is nothing short of a national treasure, who is finally getting the sort of recognition he deserves. Buying a copy is a worthwhile contribution to the John Martyn benevolent fund. Give generously.
by Simon Waldman
1. Go Out And Get It - 3:09
2. Can't Get The One I Want (Beverley Martyn) - 2:55
3. Stormbringer! - 4:18
4. Sweet Honesty (Beverley Martyn) - 8:03
5. Woodstock - 1:44
6. John The Baptist - 3:13
7. The Ocean - 3:41
8. Traffic-Light Lady - 3:19
9. Tomorrow Time (Beverley Martyn) - 3:50
10.Would You Believe Me? - 5:22
11.One Of Those Days - 5:43
12.I Don΄T Know - 3:53
13.John The Baptist - 2:56
14.Traffic-Light Lady - 3:01
All tracks by John Martyn except where noted.
Bonus tracks 11-14  Chelsea demos 16-4-1969

*John Martyn - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar
*Beverley Martyn - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Harvey Brooks - Bass
*Paul Harris - Piano, Organ, Arrangements
*John Simon - Harpsichord
*Levon Helm - Drums
*Herbie Lovell - Drums
*Billy Mundi - Drums

1970  The Road To Ruin

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