Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Formerly Fat Harry - Formerly Fat Harry (1971 uk / us, great folk psych, 2013 edition)

Formed in 1969 in Croydon by three ex-Berkeley musicians, Gary Peterson, Phil Greenberg and Bruce Barthol who had not long left Country Joe & the Fish, Formerly Fat Harry were signed to the legendary Peter Jenner and Andrew King’s Blackhill Enterprises and became a mainstay of the festivals and underground club circuit.

The band mined a rich blues, folk and country vein which nowadays might have been called Americana, and heavily infused it with a psychedelic edge – after all these guys had been part of the San Francisco acid rock explosion!

They left behind a very musical if rather low-key album for Harvest Records before splitting up in early 72. 
1. Passing The River (Phil Greenberg) - 5:04
2. My Friend Ws A Pusher (Gary Peterson) - 5:15
3. About My Life (Phil Greenberg) - 5:45
4. Please Go Away (Gary Peterson) - 4:35
5. I Saw The Ringing Of The Bell (Gary Peterson) - 4:45
6. Tell Me All About It (Gary Peterson) - 4:40
7. Captain Heart (Phil Greenberg) - 3:28
8. Goodbye For Good (Phil Greenberg) - 6:55

Formerly Fat Harry
*Laurie Allan - Drums
*Bruce Barthol - Bass
*Phil Greenberg - Guitar, Vocals
*George Khan - Saxophone
*Gary Peterson - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

1969-72  Formerly Fat Harry - Goodbye For Good, The Lost Recordings

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  1. True diamond from the past.Many thanks for this one...

  2. Very good country rock album, only "Captain Heart" does not fit in so well imho. Excellent find, thx Marios!

  3. very nice album/ thank you very much

  4. Like it! Slow burner, first listening suffered for me as played right after listening to Edgar Broughton but by side 2 I was captivated. Quite anglophile style for basically a US member band. Croydon must really have affected them, oddly if you know Croydon! Would love to know where photo of band on back of LP was taken.

  5. Pass: xara
    In any case, pass it's always there with all the other detailed infos...
    Thank You!