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Thoughts And Words - Thoughts And Words (1969 uk, beautiful warm folk psych, 2005 Issue)

Bob Ponton and Martin Curtis met at primary school where they formed the first band and later played around the youth clubs in Gravesend ,until they met Ray Jenns and Dennis Jenns .The brothers had a rock n roll band Bob and Martin joined Ray and Dens band which later turned into the Pandas. On the bands first record release they changed the name to Pandamonium after the demise of Pandamonium they formed the duo Thoughts and Words.

In mid-’68, five years and three singles into their career as Pandamonium, Bob Ponton and Martin Curtis were fed up. Their history, covered comprehensively in No Presents For Me (RRCD106) saw them at the epicentre of London’s psychedelic folk scene and hanging out with the likes of Davy Graham and Sandy Denny and the other Fairport members.The duo, fed up with the way they had been treated and supported by Denny and producer Joe Boyd, decided to go it alone. 

They’d built up songs and confidence, so Ponton decided to contact his old work mate, Andrew Lauder who was in charge at Liberty. After hearing the material, Lauder placed the duo in the tender care of rising producer and head of A&R, Mike Batt. The duo’s delicate, wistful songs gave Batt an ideal opportunity to hone his talents as an arranger and producer, as well as the album’s pianist.

Thoughts and Words is a largely upbeat collection of melodic, pensive songs, so unlike the psychedelic rock vibe that had prevailed in their late ‘60s output. The duo decided to name the album after a track on the Byrd’s album Younger Than Yesterday, but were surprised to learn that they had been given the name too! The sound is warm and soft - and so is the music. A great folk album. Thoughts and Words also released a single on Marabo records in 1974 titled Its Allright Baby a Bob Ponton song. 
1. Morning Sky - 3:34
2. And The Tears Fall Like Rain - 2:36
3. Friends - 2:14
4. Back In 1939 - 2:26
5. Today Has Come - 3:11
6. Give Me A Reason - 2:12
7. Go Out And Find The Sun - 2:15
8. Seven Years - 2:45
9. Father And Son - 2:45
10.Lifetime - 3:17
11.Annette - 2:30
12.Vision - 2:31
13.Charlie Gates - 2:58
All songs by Bob Ponton, Martin Curtis

*Bob Ponton - Vocals, All Instruments except Piano and String Section
*Martin Curtis - Vocals, All Instruments except Piano and String Section
*Mike Batt - Piano

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  1. Thank you for this excellent album, unfortunately track 12 appears to be corrupt.

  2. Thanks for posting this CD but track #13 is missing...I only have 12 tracks for this failed to unpack properly. Could you upload track 13 ???

  3. Also track #12 stops before the end of the song....track 12 is corrupt....I need track numbers 12 & 13. Please I beg you to upload these 2 tracks. Thanks !

  4. On CD-R, track 12 is corrupt it ends before the song is over.

    1. Just checked, all tracks are there, (13 songs 231mb without covers) maybe the problem is in the cue file or m3u8 file.
      Thank you

    2. Track 13 is there if you don't use the cue file, but track 12 when burning to CD-R it's corrupt the song ends before it's over.

    3. Just re-up track 12 and I will piece it together using Roxio...all I need is track 12. Thanks!

    4. Track #12 added, see in Free Texts

    5. Great! Thank you Marios! I will burn a new CD-R today.

    6. Marios...I burned a CD-R with the new track 12 and it still was corrupt. What I did to fix it was convert all the files to MP3 using Format Factory. Now it is fixed ! I wasted many CD-R's to get this right, but I did it !

  5. Marios, thanks for this LP.

    Robert, thanks for all the info you posted.
    Yes the new file for #12 has errors too but plays fine using windows media player but I haven't tried to burn it onto a CDR yet
    I too have roxio. I guess I will try one and if that doesn't work covert song #12 to a MP3 and then convert it back to wav see if I can then burn a CDR of it. I don't want to convert all of it to MP3.

    1. Yes wcpaed, convert track #12 to mp3 using Format Factory (free program). It will work ! Glad I could help.

  6. Thanks for this album, Marios.

    Regarding the corrupt track 12, and how I fixed it without having to convert to mp3. It helps if you have Audacity. Load track 12 into Audacity, it should play fine. Save the track (you have option to save as WAV or FLAC in latest Audacity) to whichever format you prefer, and it's now fine having checked the file with FLAC Frontend.