Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bloomsbury People - Bloomsbury People (1970 us, exciting psych prog, 2012 extra tracks remaster)

The Bloomsbury People was an important band in the late 1960's psychedelic/progressive music movement, playing to over 500,000 people at the Atlanta Pop Festival alongside Jimi Hendrix and other 60's icons. Bloomsbury People songs Now, after 30 years, this cult classic is available on Compact Disc. The CD includes three bonus tracks - "Gingerbread Man", "Madeline" and "Saga of the Red Sea" - never previously released. 

This seminal album is a must for anyone's Snopek collection, and for fans of the best on progressive rock. Original released by MGM Records in June 1970.
1. Birdsong - 3:36
2. Witch Helen - 2:36
3. Have You Seen Them Cry - 3:37
4. Lake Of Sand - 2:11
5. State Of Confusion (Jon Wyderka) - 3:32
6. Golden Lion - 3:02
7. Pioneer Saint Of Death - 3:38
8. The Resurrection - 2:30
9. Demian - 4:39
10.So It Seems - 2:35
11.Gingerbread Man - 6:29
12.Madeleine - 3:08
13.Have You Seen Them Cry - 3:30
All songs by Sigmund Snopek III excpet where indicated

The Bloomsbury People
*Jon Wyderka - Vocals, Percussion
*Sigmund Snopek III - Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals
*Ding Lorenz - Drums, Acoustic Percussion
*Paul Dujardin - Bass, Trombone, Vocals
*Greg Janick - Organ, Saxophones, Vocals
*Dennis Lanting - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

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  1. Thank you very much Marios!, cheers

  2. Unknown to me... Thank you Marios for sharing

  3. Being a fan of Sigmund Snopek,I would
    agree that this album deserves to be in
    any collection of early 1970's
    Hard Pop Rock.They had their own
    distinct style,which did set them aside
    of others,but that was part of their
    charm.Rare were those from Wisconsin.

    1. What I forgot to mention here
      is that I have this on vinyl,
      so the bonus music is unknown
      to me

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