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Goddo - Who Cares ? (1978 canada, hard rock with glam shades, 2000 remaster and expanded)

Frustrated with the direction Fludd was going, Scarborough, Ont native and local bass wiz Greg Godovitz formed Godo, a makeshift group with studio musicians that released a 45 on A & M that featured a cover of The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie” in 1975. When the song started gaining some momentum, he recruited ex Brutus guitarist Gino Scarpelli and drummer Marty Morin (ex of Truck) and made their way around the Toronto bar circuit.

As their act developed and an extra ‘D’ was added to the band’s name, they outgrew the surroundings and quickly made the rest of Ontario, and then central Canada part of their rounds, also dipping into the States occasionally while honing their chops. After Morin left and was replaced on drums by Doug Inglis, they were signed to a deal with Polydor, and released their self-titled debut in ’77. The only single was the ominous musical oddysey “Under My Hat.” Along with tracks like “Bus Driver Blues” (about Morin’s choice of preferred occupations instead of that of a rock star), “Let It Slide,” and “Let That Lizard Loose” let the world know they were a talented power trio with a fresh, straight-forward approach to recording, utilizing few overdubs which helped create the ‘raw sound’ they would later become known for in a near-unprecendented fashion.

They released WHO CARES? in ’78 and picked up where the debut record left off, but was a little heavier, and a lot bolder. Produced by Thomas Morley-Turner at Sounds Interchange in Toronto, clean cut riffs mixed with delicate harmonies showed Goddo was not a one-dimensional act, but took on a brasher approach than its predecessor. The lead single “Sweet Thing,” and tracks like “Oh Carole” – the ode to Rough Trade‘s Carole Pope, “Cock On” – his spin on the controversial Fludd album of the same name and “Drop Dead (That’s Who)” all made Goddo one of the most original groups of the time.
Canadian Bands with notes from Greg Godovitz
1. Tough Times - 2:18
2. Cock On - 4:02
3. You Can Never Go Back Anymore - 3:42
4. Drop Dead (Thats Who) (Gino Scarpelli, Greg Godovitz) - 2:44
5. Sweet Thing - 3:45
6. People In The News - 0:31
7. There Goes My Baby (Gino Scarpelli, Greg Godovitz, Doug Inglis) - 4:33
8. Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip) - 3:17
9. Once Again - 4:08
10.Too Much Carousing - 4:44
11.Injun Song - 0:19
12.Tough Times - 2:28
13.Greg Discusses 'Who Cares' - 3:00
14.Once Again - 4:50
15.Sweet Thing - 3:52
16.Tough Times - 2:04
17.There Goes My Baby (Gino Scarpelli, Greg Godovitz, Doug Inglis) - 3:47
18.Drop Dead (Thats Who) (Gino Scarpelli, Greg Godovitz) - 2:51
19.Too Much Carousin' - 4:28
20.Greensleeves (Traditional) - 1:06
21.Hitchcockian Outtake - 1:33
22.Zombat Greeting - 0:25
23.Thank You's - 0:48
All songs by Greg Godovitz except where stated
Bonus Tracks 12-23

*Doug Inglis - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
*Gino Scarpelli - Guitar, Percussion
*Greg Godovitz - Vocals, Bass
*Peter Schenkman - Cello
*Paul Irvine - Tenor Saxophone
*Martin Melhuish - Guitar
*Dr. John Bjarnason - Harmonica

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