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Stow Lake - Flite (1970-71 us, impressive brass acid psych rock, 2023 release)


Studio/live recordings from 1970-71 by this lost Bay Area band. A superb cool blend of acid-rock, psychedelia and brass-rock with some outstanding guitar leads, Hammond organ and a tight rhythm section. Stow Lake was a seven piece group (named after the lake in Golden Gate Park) comprised of well-seasoned musicians from the original San Francisco psychedelic/fusion scene.

Among them, we can find ace guitar player Bob Hardy (previously of hard psych group The Osgoode/Asgard); the tandem of Jeff Ervin (sax, flute) and Jean Hintermann (trumpet), both later on Aura, Bill Whiter's backing band and Hot Cider (with Dennis Geyer of A.B. Skhy); child prodigy Larry Mallarino on trombone and bass player Dave Dunaway (later of jazz fusion band Listen). Not forgetting powerful singer/organist Bob Staley.

Unreleased until now, the recordings contained here were registered at top studios like McCune and Golden State Recorders. Also including are a couple of excellent quality live tracks recorded at the legendary Fillmore West in 1971, showing the band at their peak with an impressive jamming/acid-rock sound.
1. Flite (Bob Staley) - 7:24
2. Time (Bob Staley, Bob Hardy, Jeff Ervin, Jean Hintermann, Dave Dunaway, Larry Mallarino, Bill Thomas) - 5:04
3. Two Hats In One (Bob Hardy, Harkens, Bob Styler) - 6:41
4. Goodbye (Bob Staley) - 2:45
5. Jam 1 (Jeff Ervin) - 8:38
6. Truth (Bob Staley, Bob Hardy, Jeff Ervin, Jean Hintermann, Dave Dunaway, Larry Mallarino, Bill Thomas) - 12:08
7. Mountains (Jeff Ervin) - 3:56
8. Flite (Bob Staley) - 5:58

Stow Lake
*Bob Staley - Organ, Folk Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Bob Hardy - Electric Guitar, Vocals 
*Jeff Ervin – Sax, Flute
*Jean Hintermann - Trumpet
*Dave Dunaway - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocal
*Larry Mallarino - Trombone
*Bill Thomas - Drums

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