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Sharks - Jab It In Yore Eye (1974 uk, soulful rockin' vibes, 2011 remaster with extra track)

Despite Free bassist/composer Andy Fraser and engineer Andy Johns moving on after 1973's First Water album, Sharks come back with a solid second outing putting Mr. Snips front and center, not only as vocalist, but as writer or co-writer of eight of the nine songs here. Jab It in Yore Eye features an absolutely dreadful album cover, sure to turn off record buyers. Where the first LP's artwork was simple and ineffective, this cover illustration by Bill Imhoff is just awful -- and misleading, for the music inside is pretty good. Fraser contributed to half of the previous album's songs without providing the direction he helped give Free. 

Jab It in Yore Eye feels more unified -- the addition of new bassist Busta Cherry Jones and expansion of the group to five pieces with keyboardist Nicky Judd provide definition. It would be hard to say Sharks was imitating Bad Company, as both groups emerged pretty much at the same time. But the bluesy core of a song like "Baby Shine a Light," penned by the new bassist, and lengthy essays such as Snips' "Sophistication" and "Revolution of the Heart" play totally in Paul Rodgers' world. 

Chris Spedding adds some intricate rhythmic guitar on the mellow affair, his presence a subtle highlight. They've abandoned the hint of glam from the previous year's debut and replaced it with low-key mellow blues. But as with First Water, there is no hit single to help bring attention to an otherwise interesting and listenable project.
by Joe Viglione
1. Just Like A Fever (Snips) - 3:30
2. Baby Shine A Light (Busta Cherry Jones) - 4:52
3. Sun Beat Down (Snips) - 4:55
4. Rain Or Shine (Marty Simon, Snips) - 3:42
5. Kung Fu (Snips) - 4:01
6. Sophistication (Snips) - 5:26
7. Surrender (Chris Spedding, Snips) - 2:46
8. Cocaine Blues (Snips) - 4:36
9. Revolution Of The Heart (Snips) - 6:42
10.Elevator Dancing (Snips) - 4:29

*Busta Cherry Jones - Bass, Vocals
*Nick Judd - Keyboards
*Marty Simon - Drums, Vocals
*Stephen Parsons "Snips" - Guitar, Vocals
*Chris Spedding - Lead Guitar, Organ

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