Monday, December 26, 2022

B. W. Stevenson - My Maria (1973 us, marvelous country soft rock)

Part of the Texan country-rock scene of the 1970s, B.W. Stevenson landed a smash hit in 1973 with "My Maria. Singer/songwriter B.W. Stevenson (the "B.W." reportedly stood for "Buckwheat" -- his real first name was Lewis) was born October 5, 1949, in Dallas, TX. As a teen he played in a variety of local rock bands before attending college, eventually joining the U.S. Air Force; upon returning from duty Stevenson settled in the Austin area, where he became a frequent attraction on the city's thriving club circuit. 

Upon signing to RCA he was marketed primarily to country listeners, enjoying little success with either his 1972 self-titled debut or its follow-up, Lead Free; the title track of 1973's My Maria, however, became a Top Ten pop favorite, although ironically it missed the country charts altogether. Stevenson never again recaptured the single's success, and after 1974's Calabasas he landed at Warner Bros. to issue We Be Sailin' a year later. "Down to the Station," from 1977's Lost Feeling, was his last chart hit, and after 1980's Lifeline his recording career was over. Sadly, Stevenson died on April 28, 1988, shortly after undergoing heart surgery; he was just 38 years old. 
by Jason Ankeny
1. My Maria (B. W. Stevenson, Daniel J. Moore) - 2:33
2. Be My Woman Tonight (Al Anderson) - 2:36
3. Sunset Woman (Dave Loggins) - 3:30
4. A Good Love Is Like A Good Song (Casey Kelly) - 2:29
5. Grab A Hold Of My Soul (Alex Del Zoppo, B. W. Stevenson) - 2:51
6. Shambala (Daniel J. Moore) - 2:30
7. Lucky Touch (B. W. Stevenson) - 3:15
8. I Got To Boogie (Michael Smotherman) - 3:22
9. Remember Me (B. W. Stevenson) - 3:50
10.Pass This Way (B. W. Stevenson) - 1:32

*B.W. Stevenson - Guitars, Vocals
*Larry Carlton - Lead Guitar
*Joe Osborn - Bass
*Larry Muhoberac Keyboards
*Jim Gordon - Drums
*Herb Steiner - Steel Guitar, Mandolin
*Rodney Garrison - Bass (Tracks 7,9)
*Donny Dolan - Drums (Track 7)
*Layton DePenning - Guitar (Track 7)
*Lorna Willard - Background Vocals
*Venetta Fields - Background Vocals 
*Clydie King - Background Vocals
*Daniel Moore - Background Vocals
*Taffy Danoff - Background Vocals