Monday, September 20, 2021

Various Artists - Shapes And Shadows (1968-72 uk, marvelous psych and other rare flavours, 2014 remaster)

Not content with co-writing some of the most cherished soft-pop hits of the 60s (It’s Not Unusual, The Last Waltz, There’s A Kind Of Hush), Les Reed also funnelled his largesse into establishing the Chapter One imprint. Shapes And Shadows dips an exploratory finger into the label’s archives to reveal that it was a typical independent operation of its era: hardly bursting at the seams with “psychedelic pop” per se, but certainly issuing material indicative of the provender that skulked around the chart perimeter during Chapter One’s momentary lifespan.

If it’s popsike ye seek, try Lifetime by The Bliss, borne on a zephyr of flute (courtesy of Harold McNair) and strings, not dissimilar to the Ramases of Glass Top Coffin. Thereafter, head straight for the Episode Six selections, famously featuring the pre-Purps Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. The rubicund melody and pillowy harmonies of Lucky Sunday establish a UK branch of The Association, while Gentlemen Of The Park is a comparably luscious genuflection at The Beach Boys’ altar.

We’re also partial to Spring Never Came Twice by Jason Cord – chest-beating balladry with a paisley cravat – and Big Bare Beat by The British Lion Orchestra: a blaring defector from Les Reed’s Girl On A Motorcycle soundtrack, replete with an inexplicable musique concrète interlude. 
by Oregano Rathbone, 05 November 2014
Artists - Tracks
1. Putney Bridge - What's It All About - 3:15
2. Episode Six - Lucky Sunday - 3:43
3. The Bliss - Lifetime - 2:45
4. Philwit And Pegasus - The Elephant Song - 2:45
5. Jason Cord - Spring Never Came Twice - 2:37
6. Episode Six - Mozart Versus The Rest - 3:00
7. Putney Bridge - Your Turn To Die - 2:36
8. Christopher - The Race - 2:24
9. Sad People - Turn Around - 3:08
10.The Matchmakers - Lover's Congregation - 3:14
11.The Californians - You've Got Your Troubles - 3:16
12.Episode Six - Mr Universe - 4:17
13.Christopher - Sharkey - 2:01
14.The March Hare - Cry My Heart - 2:57
15.Morning Glory - Marjory Daw - 3:07
16.The Bliss - Courtyards Of Castile - 2:56
17.Brother John - Brother John - 2:37
18.Sad People - Lonely Man - 2:39
19.Episode Six - Jack D'Or - 3:15
20.Putney Bridge - The Meaning Of Love - 2:54
21.The Matchmakers - Thank You Baby For Coming - 3:25
22.Morning Glory - Munday Street - 3:50
23.The March Hare - With My Eyes Closed - 2:49
24.Episode Six - Gentlemen Of The Park - 3:12
25.British Lion Orchestra And Les Reed - Big Bare Beat - 2:16
26.Tandem - Shapes And Shadows - 2:31


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