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Hemlock - Hemlock (1973 uk, remarkable hard funky blues rock, 2004 issue)

The only album ever released by Hemlock is truly one of 70's British rock's hidden jewels! Soulful, melosic, unpretentious, this was the next careere step for Miller Anderson who'd just left Keef Hartley Band a year earlier, and could easily be construed as his second solo album (you wouldn't be too far off the mark thinking that it was, anyway).

It had all the right ingredients for succes, however it failed due to miserable promotion and the general lack of effort on behalf of Deram, which caused this short lived formation to dissolve.
CD Liner Notes
1. Just An Old Friend - 5:44
2. A Lover's Not A Thief - 3:28
3. Mister Horizontal - 3:23
4. Ship To Nowhere - 5:51
5. Monopoly - 3:21
6. Broken Dreams - 3:50
7. Fool's Gold - 2:41
8. Garden Of Life - 3:12
9. Young Man's Prayer - 5:38
All compositions by Miller Anderson

*Miller Anderson - Vocals, Guitars
*Peter Dines - Organ, Acoustic Guitar
*Michael Weaver - Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Congas
*James Leverton - Bass
*Eric Dillon - Drums, Percussion
*Chris Mercer - Baritone, Tenor Saxophone
*Pete Willsher - Steel Guitar

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  1. Thanks, Marios, for Hemlock which not only was notable for having Miller Anderson on board. There also were keyboard wizard Michael Weaver (before he became Mick) and James Leverton (before he became Jim). Only flaw on this Walhalla CD: With just 35 minutes of running time they should have included Hemlock's non-LP single "Mr.Horizontal / Beggar Man" (Deram (45) DM379 from 1973.

  2. By the way, if you look for this 45er on youtube, you'd be surprised to notice it was blocked but not because some distribution company will milk the last drop out of it but because of a stupid "error"... there's a "rapper" of the same name who - as it seems - wasn't capable or willing to google if this name was in use before...