Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Dave Chastain Band - Rockin' Roulette (1980 us, great twin guitars southern rock)

The Dave Chastain Band was in the mold of southern rock bands like the Allman Brothers. They sounded very much like the legends of the south on "Rockin’ Roulette." This was originally released in 1980.

"Sunshine" opens up the LP rather than the title track, which I thought was odd. "Rockin’ Roulette", which is one of the best songs on the album, should have been the opener but it ends up as the closer. Either way is fine with me, I thought that this LP offered consistently good songs throughout. Chastain was the leader and he provided some great lead and slide guitar along with great soulful rockin’ vocals. At times his leads could be explosive and others warm and rhythmic, much in the tradition of southern rock. 
by Keith Hannaleck
1. Sunshine (Dave Chastain, Steve Martinez) - 5:35
2. Gotta Get Away - 2:13
3. Highway Man - 4:37
4. Losin' You Blues - 3:17
5. Breezin' - 4:47
6. Down At Dee's - 3:47
7. One In The Sun (Ron O'Brien) - 4:23
8. Ballad Of William Quantrill (Bud Pruett, Don Mitchell, Mark French) - 2:53
9. Rockin' Roulette (Dave Chastain, Tom Jernigan) - 3:12
All compositions by Dave Chastain except where indicated

The Dave Chastain Band
*Dave Chastain - Lead, Slide Guitars, Vocals
*Tom Jernigan - Drums, Vocals
*Nip Beer - Keyboards
*Bud Pruett - Bass, Vocals
*Mark French - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Randy Wickert - Saxophone, Percussion
*Mo Abbott - Fiddle
*Bobby "Mongo" Harvey - Pedal Steel Guitar, Second Lead Guitar
*Bob Smith - Banjo
*Kris Lewis - Vocals
*Patsy Sullivan - Vocals

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  1. Another outstanding southern rock band from the 80's,unknown for me until now.Thanks Marios for the discovery.

  2. Grate thanx!
    The Dave Chastain Band - rare southern rock band (unknown for me) is a true brilliant!
    The band from a musicaly-oriented (not hard) type southern-groups area, like a The Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tuker Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Winters Brothers Band, Mamas' Pride, Grinderswitch, Ouray. And it's a cool!

  3. Bit late to this, but damn this is such an enjoyable album. Nothing innovative here, and nothing that you'd call exceptional, but the whole album is just so ENJOYABLE to listen to. The whole feel, energy and instrumentation is just wonderful, and I'll listen to this album many times more. So grateful that you shared this.