Friday, January 18, 2019

Leigh Stephens - And A Cast Of Thousands (1971 us, great funky psych brass rock)

Cast of Thousands is the second solo album release from Blue Cheer frontman Leigh Stephens. Originally recorded and released in the U.K. in 1971 on the Charisma label, this album is dramatically different from his debut, Red Weather. Cast of Thousands journeys into more of a jazz, AOR style on most of its tracks. The overabundance of horns and female backup vocals makes it rather experimental at times, but Stephens' superb guitar work does manage to shine through in places.

1. The World Famous Soul Transplant - 3:27
2. Medicine Man - 3:47
3. Simple Song - 4:52
4. Handful Of Friends - 1:56
5. Oh Lord - 5:31
6. Jumping Jack Flash (Mick Jagger, Keit Richards) - 4:47
7. Sweet Love Of Mine - 2:44
8. Chunk Of Funk - 5:29
All songs by Leigh Stephens except where stated

*Leigh Stephens - Acoustic, Lead, Slide Guitar, Organ, Vocals
*Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
*Dave Quincey - Saxophone
*Paul Maintenance - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Trevor Op - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Glenn Cornick - Bass
*Kim Gardner - Bass
*Peter Sears - Bass
*Kevin Westlake - Drums
*Mick Waller - Drums
*Roy Dyke - Drums
*Bob Andrews - Piano
*Tony Ashton - Piano
*Dave Jackson - Saxophone
*Jeff Peach - Saxophone
*Lyle Jenkins - Saxophone
*Dave Caswell - Trumpet
*Noel Norris - Trumpet
*Aliki Ashman - Vocals
*Elizabeth Legworthy - Vocals
*Peter Ross - Vocals

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