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The Stampeders - Backstage Pass (1974 canada, stunning tough live classic rock, 2006 reissue)

Backstage Pass recorder at Ontario Place and released before year's end. A sold-out crowd of 13,000 fans, capturing their live presence, which was always one of their trademarks, the record featured live versions of "Devil You", "Johnny Lightning" and a cover of "Blue Suede Shoes". "I used to ask the guys if we have to play music when we're on stage. It always got in the way of my comedy routine," King quipped. Slick editing (for the time anyway) stripped the gags out of the record and left one of the purest live albums of its day, showcasing the band in its most familiar stage - in front of screaming fans.
1. Devil You - 3:40
2. Marigold - 5:08
3. Goodbye Goodbye (Kim Berly) - 3:05
4. Sweet City Woman - 6:04
5. Running Wild - 5:50
6. Then Came The White Man - 2:51
7. Manitou - 7:15
8. Intro - 1:18
9. Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins) - 2:33
10.In The Shadows - 2:43
11.Somebody Help Me - 1:48
12.In The Shadows (Reprise) - 2:18
13.Rocky Mountain Home (Kim Berly) - 3:36
14.Wild Eyes - 4:58
15.Johnny Lightening - 3:12
All songs by Rich Dodson except where indicated

The Stampeders
*Kim Berly - Drums, Vocals
*Ronnie King - Bass
*Rich Dodson - Guitar, Vocals

1971  Stampeders - Carryin On (2003 edition) 

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  1. i grew up in toronto ontario and saw many bands play at ontario place. "sold out" is a bit of a lie because ontario place featured free concerts with price of admission (it was a sort of government funded family theme park, minus rides and the whole carney bit) it was next to the actual carney place, the CNE (canadian national exhibition grounds) that did have rides and meat on a stick and games you couldnt win. both were only open 2 months in the summer. if you paid admission to the CNE you got free admission to Ontario Place. anyway, OP had free concerts in the "ontario place forum" which was a theater in the round type deal with a rotating stage. I saw Blondie, Johnny Cash, the monkees and tony bennet there. it was pretty cool. eventually they let canadian punk legends Teenage Head play there and every hesher and scumbag in the whole city and surrounding area went down to see it. filled over capacity the cops decided to shut the gates but the throngs of angry punks who couldnt get in threw a huge riot causing hundreds of thousands in damage and resulting in a ban of all rock n roll from the park forevermore. that show was "sold out"