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18 Karat Gold - All-Bumm (1973 germany, fine melt of krautrock glam and spacerock, 2017 remaster)

An early supergroup borne out of the prolific Munich scene fronted by American-German Klaus Ebert featuring studio musician Keith Forsey on drums (Hallelujah/Amon Düül II), bass genius Lothar Meid (Amon Düül II), Jörg Evers (guitar) from Embryo. 

The idea behind 18 Karat Gold seems to have been to present Krautrock in a commercial dilute form to the pop public.

Much of the time 18 Karat Gold made their living by working as pop singer Peter Maffay's backing band. Their sole album contained a few minor surprises.
1. Going Home - 4:47
2. Come On Monday - 2:05
3. Flying - 5:18
4. Goldrush - 2:57
5. Star-Eyed - 4:31
6. Dr.Stein (5%) - 3:47
7. Elektric Infected - 5:10
8. I Am Just A Man - 3:02
9. See Me In Your Dreams - 4:00
10.If My Guru Would Know (Lothar Meid, Klaus Ebert, Jörg Evers) - 3:36
11.Cool - 2:49
All songs by Keith Forsey, Lothar Meid, Klaus Ebert, Jörg Evers except Track #10

18 Karat Gold
*Jörg Evers - Guitar
*Keith Forsey - Drums
*Klaus Ebert - Guitar
*Lothar Meid - Bass Guitar

1974  Sameti - Hungry For Love (2010 digipak remaster)

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  1. Weirdly, the Germanofon issue of this album has a completely different (hard-rock) track labeled as "Going Home".. it's kind of Zeppelin-y with different lyrics altogether. This album belongs more in the Junkshop Glam than any other category, but I've been a fan since hearing it for the first time. Great liner notes in this reissue, where the parameters of the "Krautrock" genre are given the most perfect explanation ever.

  2. The alternate version of "Going Home" can be found here: http://venenosdorock.blogspot.com/2011/12/18-karat-gold-all-bumm-1973-german-prog.html (mediafire link still works).