Friday, October 21, 2016

Train - Costumed Cuties (1970 denmark / us, remarkable psych rock with baroque and prog tinges, 2011 remaster)

Train were a Danish group that relocated to United States where they were signed by Vanguard. Teamed with producer Geoff Turner, by the time their 1970 debut "Costumed Cuties" hit the streets the band seems to have effectively been reduced to a duo consisting of Lenox and Keider (the two names prominently featured in the liner notes). Largely penned by Lenox (Gordon contributing one selection), musically the set wasn't bad. Keyboard dominated rockers, Lenox had a decent voice that was well suited for material such as "Oink Oink", "Dreams and Realities" and the title track.
1. Oink Oink - 3:10
2. Bishop Pawn Three - 3:47
3. Guest Hotel - 4:06
4. Screw You - 0:59
5. Lilly White (Murray Gordon) - 2:03
6. Dreams and Realities - 3:50
7. Costumed Cuties - 3:32
8. Hasting's Worth Resolved - 3:33
9. Toe Jam - 1:28
10.Abolone Gold - 3:10
11.Love Is All - 1:28
12.Road Race - 4:16
All songs by Bob Lenox except where noted

The Train
*Vinnie Bell - Guitar, Sitar
*Jamie Faust - Bass
*Murray Gordon - Bass, Guitar
*Bob Lenox - Vocals, Keyboards
*Kirsten Loppenthin - Vocals
*Dave Lumsden - Sax
*Don Keider - Drums, Vibes, Vocals
*Jimmy Roberts - Sax
*Alan Shulman - Celllo
*Irving Spice - Violin

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