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The Rascals - Anthology (1965-72 us, marvelous rhythm 'n' blues soul beat psych, two disc set)

Boasting all of the Rascals' essential hits as well as many enjoyable album tracks, this two-CD set does a fine job of summarizing the New Yorkers' accomplishments. Whether the Rascals are tearing into rockers like "You Better Run" (covered by Pat Benatar in 1980) and the Olympics' "Good Lovin'" (a frat rock staple) or expressing their love of soul music (both Northern and Southern) on "Groovin'," "A Beautiful Morning" and "I've Been Lonely Too Long," the package shows us just how dynamic they could be.

The Rascals' cover of Wilson Pickett's "In the Midnight Hour" is hard to resist, and it should be noted that their version of Sir Mac Rice's "Mustang Sally" was recorded before the song became a major hit for Pickett. Sadly, things broke down for the Rascals commercially in the early '70s, but the socially aware soul-pop songs "Love Me," "Saga of New York" and "Brother Tree" show that they still had some creative life left in them. And they indicate that with the right guidance and input (working with someone like Curtis Mayfield, maybe?), the band could have made a comeback and become an important part of the '70s soul-pop scene. From obvious choices to surprises, Anthology: 1965-1972 is a package that both rock and soul aficionados should savor. 
by Alex Henderson
Disc 1
1. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Lori Burton, Pam Sawyer) - 2:46 
2. Good Lovin' (Rudy Clark, Arthur Resnick) - 2:32 
3. Do You Feel It (Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish) - 3:24 
4. Mustang Sally (Sir Bonny Mack Rice) - 3:22 
5. Baby Let's Wait (Lori Burton, Pam Sawyer) - 3:24 
6. In the Midnight Hour (Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett) - 4:05 
7. You Better Run - 2:28 
8. What Is the Reason - 2:26 
9. I've Been Lonely Too Long - 2:07 
10.Come on Up (Felix Cavaliere) - 2:45 
11.Too Many Fish in the Sea (Eddie Holland, Norman Whitfield) - 2:19 
12.Love Is a Beautiful Thing - 2:34 
13.Groovin' - 2:31 
14.A Girl Like You - 2:48 
15.Find Somebody - 3:42 
16.How Can I Be Sure - 2:55 
17.If You Knew - 3:07 
18.I'm So Happy Now (Gene Cornish) - 2:50 
19.Easy Rollin' - 2:55 
20.Rainy Day - 3:29 
21.It's Wonderful - 3:24 
22.Silly Girl - 2:44 
23.Finale: Once upon a Dream - 3:53 
24.A Beautiful Morning - 2:34 
All songs by Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere xcept where indicated
Disc 2 
1. People Got to Be Free - 3:01
2. Island of Love - 2:23
3. Look Around - 3:03
4. A Ray of Hope - 3:43
5. Heaven - 3:24
6. See - 4:48
7. I'd Like to Take You Home - 2:37
8. Temptation's Bout to Get Me (James Diggs) - 3:31
9. Nubia - 3:44
10.Real Thing - 2:45
11.Carry Me Back - 2:52
12.Right On - 3:48
13.Ready for Love - 3:09
14.I Believe - 3:58
15.Glory, Glory - 3:33
All songs by Felix Cavaliere except where noted

The Rascals
*Felix Cavaliere - Lead Vocals, Organ, Piano, Guitar
*Eddie Brigati - Vocals, Conga, Drums, Percussion
*Gene Cornish - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
*Dino Danelli - Drums
Additional Musicians
*Richard Davis - Bass
*Ron Carter - Bass
*Chuck Rainey - Bass
*Gerald Jemmott - Bass
*Harold Cowart - Bass
*Joe Bushkin - Piano
*Buddy Lucas - Harmonica
*Mel Lastie - Trumpet
*Joe Newman - Trumpet
*King Curtis - Tenor Sax
*Steve Marcus - Soprano Sax
*Danny Labbarte - Soprano Sax
*Joe Farrell - Saxophone
*Seldon Powell - Saxophone
*Hubert Laws - Flute
*Gene Orloff And His Strings - Strings
*David Brigati - Vocals
*Cissy Houston, Tosha Thomas - Background Vocals
*The Sweet Inspirations - Background Vocals

1968  The Rascals - Once Upon a Dream (Japan remaster)
1969  The Rascals - See (Japan remaster)
1971  The Rascals - Peaceful World (Japan remaster)
1972  The Rascals - Island Of Real (Sundazed issue)
Related Act
1967  The Young Rascals - Groovin'  (2007 remastered and expanded)

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  1. Thanks, but just an observation, you show 20 tracks listed for disc 2 when in fact it only has 15 tracks

  2. Yes right, thank you,
    tracks never have been twenty,
    always were fifteen.

  3. a very odd thing occured when i tried to extract this it was going through it stopped right after track 20 saying data error - wrong password..i know the PW is still says wrong PW after track 20..any idea what is going on here?

  4. Hi Pumma4, if you use a multilanguage keyboard try to turn it to English, or copy and paste the pass, maybe it works. Thank you

  5. i do use a keyboard in english and i actually did try copying and pasting the PW after i first had trouble with the extraction going through completely! still no luck..

  6. Maybe the d/l hasn't completed, try to d/l again.
    The truth is, until now, no one else mentioned any problem.

  7. When you look this up on any data base it's 20 tracks for the second disc. I think this and the one I have was a torrent with 15 tracks.

  8. I got this from my old blog's m8s (PHROCK), second disc was always 15 tracks compilation, I don't know why it shows 20 tracks.

    1. Not your fault, I think it's the version that got around. You can buy it on Amazon and other web stores, 20 tracks.

  9. The specific Rhino 1992 version, has only 15 tracks on second disc, you can see that on the back cover and on the booklet credits.

  10. there were 2 versions to this anthology..the first one had 15 tracks on CD 2..then when the second version came out a few years later they added 5 tracks on CD 2 to make it 20..

  11. for anyone interested - i have this anthology in the MP3 format with those 5 additional tracks from CD im posting a we transfer link for them..again these 5 tracks are in the mp3 format!