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Bliss - Bliss (1969 us, exciting heavy psych blues rock, 2007 remaster)

Recorded in Phoenix Arizona's Audio Records with producer Hadley Murrell (who also contributed a pair of songs), 1969's "Bliss" was released by the L.A.-based Canyon Records.  Musically the LP offered up a mix of originals (all three members contributing material), and blues covers.  Interestingly, based on the cover which shows a chalice and a young, angry looking priest, our initial expectations were that this might be a Christian-rock LP.  Those thoughts were reinforced by the opener "Ride the Ship of Fool" which blended a nice melody with sweet harmonies and a pseudo-religious lyric and "Cry for Love".  

While those characteristics are enough to send a large segment of the population running for cover, in this case the results aren't half bad.  The religious sentiments are kept in check throughout and are wrapped in a series of  tasty rockers.  Powered by Aldred's powerhouse drumming and Reed's fuzz guitar (check out "VIsions" and their cover of Joe Tex's "I Want To be Free"), this is simply a great LP!.
1. Ride the Ship of Fools (Hadley Murrell, Larry Tuszon) - 4:11
2. Cry for Love (Brad Reed, Ann Reed) - 5:01
3. Gangster of Love (Johnny Watson) - 2:59
4. I Want To Be Free (Joe Tex) - 3:03
5. Visions (Rusty Martin) - 3:29
6. Don't Think (Buford Riley Aldred) - 2:09
7. I'm Gonna Hurt You (Hadley Murrell, Eddie Campbell) - 2:03
8. Make My Old Soul New (Bard Reed) - 2:08
9. Rock Me Baby (B.B. King) - 3:29

*Rusty Martin - Bass
*Brad Reed - Guitar
*Buford ( Corky) Riley Aldread - Drums

1969  Bliss – Return To Bliss

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  1. Trios from the past are most wanted by me,and BLISS is one of them.Awesome band...

  2. Οποτε μπορεσεις,σε παρακαλω,ανανεωσε το,σε ευχαριστω πολυ