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Gothic Horizon - Tomorrow's Another Day (1972 uk, bright, breezy folk psych prog, 2004 issue)

Gothic Horizon's second and final album, like many a sophomore effort, was essentially similar to their debut (The Jason Lodge Poetry Book), except for being somewhat more elaborately produced. Gentle, occasionally somewhat frail British acoustic-based folk-rock remained at the center of their sound. Standard rock instrumentation, however, was employed with considerably greater frequency, though not to the point of overuse. The group's material, too, sounded more serious and less innocent, though it still retained a light, easygoing quality (and, on numbers like "Jefferson James" and "Sydney's Wharf," a definite Simon & Garfunkel influence, especially in the vocal harmonies). 

While the tracks are almost always pleasing on the ear to some degree, they're not too penetrating, and the more they veer from the group's folky core to more ordinary early-'70s rock, the closer they come to losing the plot. The aforementioned "Sydney's Wharf" is probably the highlight, the nostalgic musings accented by some haunting backup female vocals and strange electronic buzzing tones. Like so many slightly-above-average rarities in its genre, the record will please serious enthusiasts of the style, but might be better appreciated by the average collector by hearing the best one or two cuts on various-artists compilations. 
by Richie Unterberger
1. Thyme And Tied - 3:21
2. Sydney’s Wharf - 4:19
3. Beverley’s Song (Song For Beverley) - 3:36
4. Baby, You Make The Sunshine (Andy Desmond) -2:53
5. Lament (For Two Voices) - 2:58
6. Sunny Day Parable (Andy Desmond) - 4:30
7. Song No.1 - 4:41
8. Girl With Guitar - 3:25
9. If You Can Smile (Andy Desmond) - 3:33
10.Jefferson James - 3:39
11.Thoughts (Andy Desmond) - 2:49
12.Tomorrow’s Another Day (Andy Desmond) - 6:45
All songs by Mike Simmons except where stated

*Andy Desmond - Six, Twelve String Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals
*Richard Garrett - Vocals
*Paul Cartwright - Drums, Percussion
*Barrie Evans - Electric Guitar
*Mike Simmons - Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, String, Brass Arrangements
*John Gosling - Organ, Piano, Moog Synthesizer

1970  Gothic Horizon - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book

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