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Triangle - Triangle (1969-70 france, elegant progressive rock, 2010 Mini LP edition)

The short five years career of Triangle (1969-74) was very intense, starting with this first album (the most famous of the three) and released in 1970 containing their biggest hit, "Maybe tomorrow ". 

Triangle was, along with Martin Circus Variations and Zoo, the groups that  revolutionized the history of rock music in France in the early 70s. Formed by Papillon (bass, vocals), Jean-Pierre Prévotat (drums), François Jeanneau (brass, keyboards) and Marius Lorenzoni (guitar)

Their self titled debut is ann extraordinary album, in this 2010 Vinyl replica issue, are included bonus from their first two 1969, 45” and the single version of "Blow Your Cool", also the English and Spanish versions of "Maybe tomorrow". 

Triangle released three albums, which probably fall in the proto-progressive category. Generally they make guitar-dominated rock with slightly above average rhythmic complexities and changes in tempo in melody. 

They do veer off in various directions, psych, folk rock, classic guitar rock, touches of glam rock, proto prog, some nice and some less nice (i.e. schmaltzy) ballads. This album is one of the gems of French rock music.
1. Peut-Être Demain - 4:47
2. Left With My Sorrow - 6:38
3. Blow Your Cool - 7:19
4. Guerre Et Paix - 9:21
5. M.L. - G.G. - 1:37
6. Cameron's Complaint - 9:43
7. Listen People (A. Renaud) - 3:44
8. Please (A. Renaud, J.P. Prévotat, G. Fournier) - 4:33
9. Élègie A Gabrielle (F. Jeanneau, J.P. Prévotat, G. Fournier, P. Farges) - 4:58
10.Golden Screen (F. Jeanneau, J.P. Prévotat, G. Fournier, P. Farges) - 3:23
11.Blow Your Cool (Single Version) - 3:09  
12.Ruido De Botas (Spanish Version) (Lyrics by Roda Gil) - 4:50  
13.Peut-Être Demain (English Version) - 4:49
Words and Music by Triangle except where indicated
Bonus Tracks 7-13

*Papillon «Gérard Fournier» - Bass, Vocals
*Jean Pierre Prevotat - Drums
*François Jeanneau - Saxophone, Keyboards
*Marius "Mimi" Lorenzini - Guitar

1969-74  Triangle - Anthologie

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  1. YES! The legendary TRIANGLE!
    Thanks a lot Marios, the only issue i have is the ending of the above story:
    "This album is one of the gems of French rock music."
    Another French gem(s) is FALCONS FEVER album (Hansa 85067 IT) 1970
    so my hopes are getting high, that SOON will be able to listen FALCONS on legit CD issue.....Till then you guys can enjoy this great track
    Falcons - Fire Higher Than The Mountain .1970

  2. wow, sample track sounds pretty fully prog to, thanks! :D

  3. Love Triangle! Especially their second album, “Viens Avec Nous”.