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Rare Bird - Born Again (1974-75 uk, splendid smooth progressive rock, 2008 Esoteric bonus tracks remaster)

Follow on from the highly successful of Rare Bird's first  albums with this classic prog rock album from 1973, their second release for Polydor. By the time of this album Rare Bird had changed line-ups, though still retained their progressive style. Born Again was Rare Bird's final album and included their classic Diamonds. Balanced between soft progressive tunes, classic rock forms and funky vibes.
1. Body And Soul (L.Camm, S. Gould) - 03:10
2. Live For Each Other (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 02:55
3. Diamonds (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 04:07
4. Reaching You (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 03:31
5. All That I Need (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 03:57
6. Redman (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould, A. Curtis, A. Hall) - 03:42
7. Peace Of Mind (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 05:24
8. Harlem (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould, L.Camm) - 03:23
9. Lonley Street (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould, L.Camm) - 03:13
10.Last Tango In Beulah (D. Kaffinetti, F. Kelly, S. Gould) - 06:27
11.Don't Be Afraid (D. Kaffinetti, S. Gould) - 3:38
12.Passing Through (D. Kaffinetti, S. Gould) - 4:28
Bonus tracks 11-12

Rare Bird
*Steve Gould - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Vocals, Overdubs
*Kevin Lamb - Organ, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
*Dave Kaffinetti - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Harmony Vocals
*Fred Kelly - Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
*Andy Rae - Bass, Guitar

1969  Rare Bird - Rare Bird (2007 Esoteric remaster bonus tracks issue)
1970  Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By  (2007 Esoteric remaster bonus tracks issue)
1972  Rare Bird - Epic Forest

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  1. In 1969 founded, the band Rare Bird, Graham Field, Steve Gould , Mark Ashton and David Kaffinetti in Birmingham . The cast of Rare Bird was unusual. Similar to years later in Greenslade, so Rare Bird renounced a guitar and put on two keyboards . The sound coined the interplay of organ and piano. Steve Gould and Mark Ashton formed the solid rhythm part .
    Another trademark of Rare Bird was the voice of Steve Gould.
    The song played the most important role on their first and only hit. " Sympathy" came straight into the charts. These guys have created something extraordinary , a true " Rare Bird ", from the perspective of years, I would say that this bird is a " White Crow"

    Undisputed hit "Sympathy", which in March 1970 reached up to 24 place the British list. On the one hand, it is incredibly melodic and catchy, single track, which heralds the album. The strength of this, without a doubt, hit next topic melodic and sound is fantastic, dreamy, phantasmagorical atmosphere. Listening to these two minutes with a bit of give in to the seductive power of the sounds, vocals Steve Gould and key passages. The advantage of only a hit Rare Bird are also poetic words, simple but touching. When combined message of the song from the sensational blend of recognizable melody get "raping" our senses. "Sympathy" (single sold more than a million copies)

    The first album "Rare Bird" can be regarded as a milestone in rock history. No worse was the album of the Rare Bird, As Your Mind Flies By. Catchy melodies and a perfect interplay between the musicians "As Your Mind Flies By" became the best-selling album of Rare Bird. Unfortunately, sales of the plates was still not as high as expected.
    "Sympathy" was an exception, and most of the rest of the songs from stylistically. Rare Bird remained a secret, perhaps because of that. Someone who "Sympathy" like that does not need the other songs like those and did not like the Sympathy, which would never have thought to deal with the LP.

    The next album was more rock and harder. " Somebody's Watching You". It can be found today on CD often together with the first album. In addition to Steve Gould, David Kaffinetti and Fred Kelly, Seth ( Cet ) Curtis, Nick Potter and Fred Kelly Al Matthews, Sammy Abu and Paul Holland played with the percussion. The singer Kevin Lamb , has been committed as an additional Supportive Tung of Rare Bird. Similar to what Babe Ruth tried already before and after , so did Rare Bird tried to Morricone " A Fistful of Dollars". The versions of both bands are among the best cover versions of this topic. A certain similarity is unmistakable. But this album could not help to financial success Rare Bird . In 1974, only the latest record: "Born Again" is a lot less interesting . But there was nothing to do with the rising from the ashes of the Phoenix.

    This reissue also features both sides of their final 1975 single "Don't Be Afraid" as bonus tracks. Born Again album for sale Esoteric. Recording information: Polydor Studios, London, England (12/1973-01/1974).

    I think that Rare Bird in the 70s it was so influential band that, along with Van der Graaf Generator helped virtually unknown to the group Genesis enter the world of musical show- bussinesu . And no one else but just a group Rare Bird is the author of the cult song " Sympathy ".

    Thx Marios!

  2. The Peddlers ,Vanilla Fudge and the Nice were obvious inspirations to Rare Bird.