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Hannibal - Hannibal (1970 uk, outstanding heavy prog jazz rock, 2009 digi pack remaster)

Hannibal came together, from a band called Bakerloo around Birmingham that featured a guitarist called Clem Clemson, Clem Clemson was a brilliant young musician who went on to work with John Highsman in Coliseum and became a big session guitarist, with his manager Jim Simpson from Birmingham, Jim had funded an album for Bakerloo and shortly after, virtually at the same time, Clem Clemson left to do other things so Jim Simpson had got this album that he wanted promoting in Germany so they actually did a tour of Germany under that name - Bakerloo, before changed the name to Hannibal.

With some member changes the band found the spot to record an album that was  based around the guitarist Adrian Ingram, who -before Hannibal- had a three piece blues band that were known locally, a fantastic guitarist and although he hadn’t got any education or musical qualifications then, but  did get a load, and went on Guitar Chair at the Leeds School of Music for Jazz he's a brilliant jazz guitarist, he does Jazz gigs now over here and the states and has written books on Wes Montgomery and various guitarists so a very accomplished musician, Adrian Ingram was the main feature of the band, all the tracks were written by him. Their horn player and keyboardist Bill Hunt was a member of Breakthrou and later joined Jeff Lynne’s Move. 

As a seminal and jazzy prog-rock band from the late '60s, Hannibal shared stages with Free, Black Sabbath, Pato, ELO and Johnny Winter.  Their album is jam packed with early cutting-edge examples of Jazz-rock fusion guitar playing together with Adrian Ingram's quirky Zappaesque compositions. Hannibal was ahead of its time and eventually became a much sought-after prog, collectors item.
1. Look Upon Me - 6:38
2. Winds Of Change - 7:29
3. Bend For A Friend - 10:29
4. 1066 - 6:31
5. Wet Legs - 4:47
6. Winter - 8:22
All songs by Adrian Ingram

*Alex Boyce - Vocals
*Jack Griffiths - Bass
*Bill Hunt - Keyboards, Horns
*Adrian Ingram - Guitar
*John Parker - Drums

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  1. Another forgotten British progressive band with only one album, to his credit. Completely captivating a long compositions, wonderful, slightly jazzy guitar parts, almost ubiquitous sound Hammond organ in the background, and generally blues-jazzy, full breath climate. Album in style Heaven, Walrus, If even the early Jethro Tull - in their best moments. It is absolutely mandatory item for any lover of British progressive playing!

  2. "From Birmingham, this act evolved out of the remnants of Bakerloo and were heralded by their management as the follow-up to Black Sabbath. Their album, like most releases on this label, has become a minor collectable and is a Van der Graaf Generator-style progressive, housed in an odd gatefold sleeve. The vocalist is strongly influenced by Family's Roger Chapman whilst their music is strong, pleasant, jazz rock."

    THXS 2 share lossless!

  3. "Bend For A Friend" has a very familiar guitar riff, see Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Anyway a very nice jazz rock album. Thank you for this one, Marios!

  4. he does Jazz gigs now over here and the states and has written books on Wes Montgomery and various guitarists so a very accomplished musician, cd review

  5. Link Offline ("This Account has been suspended"), plese fix it! Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Wagner Ferreira, "Hannibal - Hannibal", reUp!!