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Souls Of Inspyration - The Souls Of Inspyration (1970 canada, a melodic bridge between late psych and early prog)

Red Lake, Ontario soft-psych rockers the Souls of Inspyration made the requisite bar slog across Central Canada before setting up shop in Sherbrooke, Quebec in late 1968. There, they recruited keyboardist Raymond Cloutier, morphed their sound into a murkier psychedelic mix and toured Quebec with the likes of Vanilla Fudge and Tommy James and the Shondells, thus solidifying their fan base across the belle province. A battle-of-the-bands competition at Montreal's Man and His World exposition in July 1970 won the band a fortnight slot at the Canada pavilion at Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan. 
by Michael Panontin

Their sole LP released, for the Canadian branch of Columbia Records. As with labelmates Jarvis Street Revue and It's All Meat, press runs for these LP's numbered in the four-digit range at best, nowhere near the quantities US counterparts The Byrds or Mitch Miller (or heck, even Hampton Grease Band) commanded, and all have become sought-after psychedelic arty-facts. So, what about the music you ask? A melodic bridge betwixt late psych and early prog, with a solid foundation of organ and driving rhythm, well-placed stinging guitar leads, and forceful vocals saying everything and nothing simultaneously. 33 minutes, seven tracks and not a loser in the bunch. From the mastertape, original cover artwork and liner notes preserved for the ages."

1. Pursuit (Marc Paradis) -  2:40
2. Stranger (John Maciejewski) - 2:59
3. Sunshines In Winter - 3:10
4. Dil Kusha (Hearts Happiness) - 6:42
5. Of Lambs And Wolves - 6:10
6. Eyes Of Nature - 3:29
7. Seasons Of Change -  5:18
8. Brand New Day - 1:58
All song by Marc Paradis, John Maciejewski except where indicated

The Souls Of Inspyration
John Maciejewski  - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Raymond Cloutier  - Hammond Organ, Piano, Vocals
Marc Paradis  - Drums, Vocals
Don Wilson  - Bass

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  1. thx marios, I'm going to look into it, that psych-to-prog transition has so much great obscure stuff in it (like T2 for instance)

  2. Thank you Marios, for this greatful post!

  3. Eight tracks—that’s all that exist—from this mysterious band that emerged from Sherbrooke, Quebec in time to have the honor of closing the activities at the Expo 70 musical presentations in Osaka, Japan. Their album (released by Columbia in 1970) is quite sought-after and deservedly so, with keyboard driven, melodic songs, attractive harmonies, strong vocals, and an overall sense of cohesion. Great acoustic driven songs breezy Hammond organ, airy acoustic guitar and buoyant but blinkered lyrics - The Souls of Inspyration lamentably founders more than it floats. There are pockets of potential here like ‘Eyes of Nature’ is blithe and spacious post-psychedelia, recalling Jerry Corbetta's brighter moments with Sugarloaf. ‘Sun Shines in the Winter’, or the more hard-driving, progressive tinged ‘Dil Kusha (Heart’s Happiness) and ‘Of Lambs and Wolves’ should certainly have been compiled before, but amazingly were not. Now’s the time to discover beautiful aberration, one of the unspoiled jewels of the psychedelic era!

    Souls Of Inspyration:

    Thx Marios!

  4. I'll check this one out, thx Marios!

  5. The two guys on the right hand side of the album are Steve(far right) and his brother Roman. Both from Red Lake Ontario. They don't seem to get any recognition in any of the listing of band members. Left to Right on the album is Don Wilson, Marc Paradis, John Maciejewski, Roman Pysznyj and Steve Pysznyj.

    1. Yes, the Pysznyj brothers from Red Lake Ontario. Ive been to their family home in Red Lake many times as I lived common law with their youngest brother Peter ( Bohdan ) from 1980 - 1985.They had one sister - Olga. I remember this album like always being there ...

  6. My band played on a 2 month tour throughout Quebec with the Souls in 1970-71. The Two brothers on the album cover were not on the recordings. They joined when Ray Cloutier left the band. Those brothers were in the band when the LP was released so that's why they are on the photo and not credited on the recordings.

  7. THE brothers..were excellent players..played up in Timmins ..band was called NORTHE

  8. Anyone know what became of John Maciejewski?