Saturday, June 29, 2013

Child - Child (1968 us, stunning heavy psych, 2001 edition)

 Short lived band released this one and only album in the late sixties. The sound is close to Vanilla Fudge heavy psych with floods of organ tight rhythm section and dramatically vocals.
1 Hold On I'm Coming (David Porter, Isaac Hayes) - 5:05
2 Little Light (Mike Lewis) - 3:52
3 Aunt Millie (The Child) - 3:15
4 You'll Never Walk Alone (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein) - 3:15
5 Soft Rocks (The Child) - 4:05
6 Exodus (Ernest Gold, Pat Boone) - 4:30
7 A Child Begins to Cry (The Child) - 3:37
8 Ol' Man River (O. Hammerstein, Jerome Kern) - 6:34

*Teddy Graybill - Lead Vocals
*Paul Alagna - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
*Frances "Chick" Rizzo - Bass
*Thomas "Tommy" Cruz - Drums, Percussion
*Joseph "Joey" Merone - Organ, Piano, Chimes


  1. Fantastic album.Well worth to listen...

  2. like the sample, will check it out!

  3. This short-lived group with ultra rare debut album by keyboard-heavy late 60's US acid rock band Child,specialised in melodramatic cover versions of popular songs of the day. The album, which was recorded at Select Sound Studios, in New York, includes slowed down versions of classics like 'Hold On I'm Comin'( fierce lengthy version of Isaac Hayes),' You'll Never Walk Alone', 'Old Man River' and the instrumental 'Exodus'. All come with lots of very heavy organ Hammond B3, in the same mould as Vanilla Fudge and on the heavier side of late 60s US rock. Certainly worth learn about it more!

  4. Chick got drafted in July of 1969. The band played in Pittston, Pa. at a car show. One of my friends suggested we jam with them At that time I was playing with a band called The Buoys. In August of 69, I left the Buoys, and became Child's new bassist. We rehersed in Coney Island near Nathans and played out frequently at the Action House opening for The Illusion.
    Presently I am still playing with several bands. They did a KILLER live version of McArthur Park. They were a great live band much, much , better than this record indicates.


  5. Just found this record the other day in a local shop for $4, never having heard nor even heard of this fantastic band. Being a huge Vanilla Fudge fanatic, I was, of course, blown away and happy to hear the grooves on this platter. Definitely sits as high on my all time fave psych LP list, even only after a few spins! Wish I knew more about this mysterious band and album, so thank you to the comment from Bob Gryziec posted just above me for the little tidbits.
    -Nic Hartley

  6. listening to this gem of a record is a true experience.Very big similarities to Vanilla Fudge so if you like them you will also dig this superb record.In my all time favourite list; cost me over a hundred dollars to finally secure a copy but worth every cent.

  7. would it be possible?