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Beefeaters - Meet You There (1969 denmark, relevant psych blues rock, Repertoire edition)

 In November 1968 the Beefeaters played on the Danish tour of Alexis Korner who joined them as guitarist and lead-vocalist on two tracks of their second annum Represented ihrough the introduction of the Gemían ulule by 'Thorup, this period showed a more jazz-oriented side of the Beefeaters. In May 1969 Thorup left the Beefeaters lo live and work in England. Ile joined Korner to forra New Church, C.C.S. and Snape, the taller even for a U.S. tour.
In 1973 Thorup returned to Denmark where - apart from his solo alburas - countless jobs as sideman, stucho musician or producen for the vide-spread Danish music scene from the Young Flowers to Sanne Salomonsen always are keeping him very busy. While Korner is called Father of13ritish Blues, Thorup is candidato as Father of Danish Blues.
This he can claim contrary to his start as a professional musician at the early age of 13 years - then being rather a son not a Eather. The first of many more peaks to fbIlow in his carcer was the nomination for the #1 Danish Blues singer at the age of 19.
Record collectors should look out for Thorup's first solo albura featuring Kjazumgard, "Nhuthzhi", Nils Ilenriksen and Erik Stcdt Rastnussen of the 13eefeaters plus members of the Young Flowers, the Black Pools, Maxwells' and Burnin' Red Ivanhoe - Ole Christian Eich. The cover was designed by Eich and ex¬Beefeater Madsen. This last available document with the Beefeaters was produccd by Thorup for "Ale¬xis Korner Productions" being published in many countries.
To sum up the history of the Beefeaters, Fich - ex-Burnin' Red Ivanhoe replaced Thorup in May 1969 as load-vocalist and -guitarist. When Folgersen quit in aulumn 1969. the group was re-joined hy founder member Scirup. This line-up recorded the soundtrack for "Smil Fruti" and the cinema commcrcial for "Jolly Cola".
By turn of the year 1969/1970, Eral beeame seriously ill to be replaced by I lenriksen - ex¬liam. At the same time, Nielsen was replaced by Carsten Smedegárd - ex-l- eethovens on drums. Stedt - pre-Day of Phoenix joined on hass in the middle of 1970 to replacc Eolgersen. I ich returned alter recovery, and the Beefeaters carried on as a sextet until they finally disbanded in 1971.
1. I'll Meet You There - 4:47
2. You Changed My Way Of Living - 4:09
3. Night Train (Forrest, Washington, Simpkins) - 4:22
4. Now I Know - 4:54
5. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Kirk) - 9:55
6. Stormy Monday (Crowder, Eckstine, Hines) - 9:54
All songs by the Beefeaters except where noted

*Peter Thorup - Guitars, Vocals, Flute
*Morten Kjærumsgård - Organ, Piano
*Keith Volkersen - Bass
*Max Nhuthzhi - Drums
*Alexis Korner - Guitar, Vocals

1967  Beefeaters - Beefeaters

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