Monday, March 11, 2013

Southern Comfort - Southern Comfort (1969 us/uk, spectacular blues rock)


 Recorded when legendary Chicago blues harpist Walter 'Shakey' Horton visited the UK in 1968, Southern Comfort is a superb showcase for his talents, as well as those of bassist Jerome Arnold (the Butterfield Blues Band), drummer Jessie C. Lewis (Otis Rush) and trailblazing guitarist Martin Stone (Savoy Brown and Mighty Baby).
Though mostly a superb blues set, however, it's best-known today for the epic closing track - one of the most mind-blowing psychedelic workouts ever recorded.
"Whilst still with Mighty Baby, Martin Stone recorded a rare album called Southern Comfort with American blues harmonica player Walter 'Shakey' Horton, which is principally notable for Netti Netti, the long psychedelic jam that ends proceedings"
from The Tapestry Of Delights
1. Easy (No. 2) (Horton) - 3:20
2. If It Ain't Me Babe (Lane) - 3:20
3. Sugar Mama (Horton) - 3:22
4. Need My Baby (Horton) - 2:56
5. Somethin' Else (Horton) - 3:53
6. Walking By Myself (Lane) - 3:49
7. Train Time (Horton) - 3:31
8. Found A New Love (Lewis) - 4:01
9. Same Old Blues (Lewis) - 2:02
10.Paying Double (Arnold) - 2:26
11.Netti-Netti (Stone, Arnold) - 11:54

*Big Walter Sharky Horton - Harmonica, Vocals
*Martin Stone - Guitars
*Jerome Arnold - Bass, Vocals
*Jessie C. Lewis - Drums, Vocals

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