Monday, February 18, 2013

Gigymen - Gigymen (1974 uk, marvelous folk rock with some traditional adaptations, 2012 issue)

Originally released as an obscure private pressing of just 100 copies, Gigymen’s only record has been a hen’s tooth since it was recorded in 1974. Guersson changed all that earlier in the year with a short-run vinyl release – and here’s the welcome and significantly cheaper follow-up.

Opener As I Roved Out is a confident and competent slab of folk-rock that does what all good folk-rock should: amplifies the power and emotion inherent in its traditional roots. There are two more trad rock-outs (the Irish Rocky Road To Dublin; and Scottish Gypsy Laddie), with the accomplished arrangements and quality of the musicianship across both being superb.

Elsewhere, Plain Jane is Gigymen as the former Quarrymen – and, indeed the Fab Four are the driving force behind many of the other tracks on the record, though the unnerving Crumbledown might well be without precedent. Packed with photos and info on the talented bunch who made this wonderful oddity, this is a welcome addition to the private pressings file.  
by Jan Zarebski
1. As I Roved Out - 4:32
2. Gone Are The Days - 3:35
3. Plain Jane - 3:21
4. Gypsy Laddie - 6:08
5. Rocky Road To Dublin - 5:04
6. Brother Herbert - 2:38
7. Crumbledown - 4:27
8. Don't Let Her Go - 3:19

*John Porter - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
*Alan Harvey - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
*Andy Thurston - Violin
*Paul Marsh - Bass
*Alex Cooper - Vocals, Drums

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  1. As with Oxford, Cambridge University has seen many of its students go on to achieve great things. However, if Cambridge was the city of all dreams in the mid-seventies, it wasn't only for its world renowned university, but also for the vibrant musical community around the college circuit. Gigymen was one of these bands and one of the best, if not the best. A live band of high-calibre musicians, as their name indicated, mainly influenced by Fairport Convention and The Beatles. They recorded an album at the Spaceward Studios and world is so small that it was engineered by the classmate of Alan and John, Mike Kemp himself along with Gary Lucas. The result is simply amazing and very professional. Guerssen presents the first-ever reissue of this lost treasure, originally an obscure private pressing of just 100 copies. Stunning folk-rock/folk-pop with pro-recorded sound, superb musicianship and strong songwriting. With influences ranging from Fairport Convention to The Beatles, here you'll find some superb folk-rock adaptations of traditional songs such as "As I Roved Out," "Gypsy Laddie" and "Rocky Road to Dublin" along with fab folk-pop with Beatlesque vocals on tracks like "Plain Jane" or "Gone Are The Days." The album was originally released with only a blank paper sheet with the credits on the cover, so Guerssen has designed a new front sleeve for their reissue. Insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes also included. Remastered in 24-bit domain from the original master tapes.
    Thx Marios.