Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things To Come - I Want Out (1965-67 us, rough garage punk dark psych, Sundazed release)

Emerging from the glut of Southern Californian rock groups in the mid-'60s, Things to Come formed in 1966. Their original lineup included lead singer Steve Runolfsson, drummer Russ Kunkel (who would go on to become a top sessionman), and bassist Bryan Garofalo (also a future sessionman and a member of Glenn Frey's band since 1982). The group cut only three singles in their brief lifetime; 

This album is astounding Stones/Them influenced garage and dark psych, recorded 1965-'67. The set includes the impossibly rare 45 of "Sweetgina" b/w "Speak Of The Devil" as well as other lost, unreleased masterpieces.
1. Sweetgina (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:59
2. Missisippi Dealer (L. Robinson) - 2:09
3. I Want Out (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:41
4. Your Down (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:30
5. Speak Of The Devil (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:41
6. Smokestack Lightning (Instrumental) (C. Burnett) - 2:20
7. Character Of Caruso (Steve Runolfsson) - 3:33
8. Tell Me Why (Bryan Garofalo) - 2:12
9. Tomorrow (Lynn Rominger) - 3:06
10. Pushin' Too Hard (Instrumental) (Sky Saxon) - 2:32
11. Show Me A Place (R. Kunkel) - 3:02
12. I'm A Man (Instrumental) (E. McDaniels) - 1:48
13. Home To You (R. Kunkel) - 2:08
14. Your Down (Instrumental) (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:28
15. Icicles On The Roof (Lynn Rominger) - 2:27
16. Sweetgina (Instrumental) (Steve Runolfsson) - 3:05
17. Behold Now Behemoth (Steve Runolfsson) - 4:05
18. Darkness (Steve Runolfsson) - 4:05

Things To Come
*Steve Runolfsson - Vocals
*Lynn Rominger - Guitar
*Bryan Garofalo - Bass
*Russ Kunkel - Drums

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  1. Thanks very much for this legendary sixties group.I have this one on vinyl about 20 years ago, broadcasting it among others on the radio of Patras. Τι μου θυμισες. Νασαι καλα.

  2. Thanks so much for this one BEHOLD NOW BEHEMOTH

  3. Steve Runolfsson was The Giant Behemoth! He had the uncanny and rare ability to transport himself artistically into the other multiverses and dimensions where he could practice manifesting his creative visualizations, bringing the results and his experiences back into this plane of reality consciousness. My brother Don and I were his often companions in our neighborhood sorties and adventures as kids. RIP Steve, who left us too early. Great musical tribute here. Things to Come rocked the fragile unconscious world of the So-Cal 60's.

  4. My father was in this band and I don't see his name mentioned. Guitarist, Michael Migliaro. He was in for 5 or so years, from 1966-1970.

    1. Your father is mentioned in an article in issue #43 of Ugly Things magazine...this band is showcased in that issue.

  5. I downloaded this CD because I read about this group in the latest issue of Ugly Things magazine...Issue #43 has a story about this group, Things To Come. Thank you Marios you have the best site !!

  6. Sounds so Amazing!
    Please RE-up Marios!