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The Petards - The Petards (1967-71 germany, fabulous beat psych with some heavy rock touches)

Originally from Schrecksbach (near Schwalmstadt/Hessen) The Petards, besides bands like "The Lords" or "The Rattles", were one of Germanys most successful and most popular Beat bands in the mid-sixties.

In 1966 Horst Ebert, Klaus Ebert, (git. and voc.) Ruediger "Roger" Waldmann (bass) and Hans Juergen Schreiber (drums) were forming The Petards, Schreiber was replaced in June 1967 by Arno Dittrich, at that time known as best rock - drummer in Germany. Arno's famous drum soli soon became one of the highlights in the band's live performances. With him they won the SWF - New - Generation - Competition, which made it possible to record their first LP "A Deeper Blue". The singles "Shoot Me up To the Moon" as well as "Golden Glass" quickly got number one in HR and SWF hit parades

In the Year 1968 their second album "Petards" was released including another radio number one, "Pretty Liza". The very catchy "Misty Island", a single, produced in the same Year still ranks as a classical of the beat era.

Touring excessively throughout Germany, The Petards had been one of the first beat - bands playing behind the so called "Iron Curtain" with their successful concerts in the CSSR.

Particularly The Petards - fan clubs (up to 380) with their tremendous support were extremely helpful for the band's success and sold out venues over these Years. In the pop poll of "music express" magazine they were voted to be "Best group of new generations". On "Album of the Year” The Petards reached a 5th place

Besides that the group still produced, with aliases such as Zonk and Flittermouse, several Cover LPs, e.g. with songs of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

1970 their third Album "Hit shock" was released. Appearances on French television and in the "Olympia" in Paris followed. Their single "Blue Fire Light" reached the Top Ten in France and Belgium. They showed their musical versatility also with the production of the musical “Wie es euch gefällt” (a free adoption of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night) at the Staatstheater Bremen. As the founder and organizer of the legendary "Burg Herzberg Festival" the band settled a tradition that still works today (note: After the second festival in 71 the band gave up planning another one. 

A decade later a group of musical agents took over the festivals name and installed it again nearby the original venue, of which it moved in 2004 to several other places.) The debut in 1970 had an audience of over 5000, who came to see the stars of the beginning Kraut – Rock scene such as Can, Frumpy and Amon Düül II, just to name a few.

At the end of 1970 The Petards said good-bye to Klaus Ebert, who left the band to become head of the A’n’R department at Liberty Records in Munich. As replacement for Klaus, Bernd Wippich, of whom they said he played an excellent "Hendrix - style guitar", was picked out of 60 applicants.

The double album "Pet-Arts" appeared at the beginning of 1971 as their best and most creative one with affectionately sophisticated Songs like "Baby Man" and "Good Good Donna". In March 4th, 1972 Arno’s thousandth performance took place. A few months later at the third of September, the Petards staged their instruments for their last gig at the “Western Saloon” in Wiesbaden.
1. Golden Glass - 2:58
2. Shoot Me Up To The Moon - 2:42
3. Summerwind - 2:49
4. Roses For Kathy - 2:40
5. Misty Island - 2:35
6. Pretty Liza - 2:32
7. The Fountain - 2:10
8. Some Sunny Sunday Morning - 2:53
9. On The Road With My Bag - 3:31
10.Blue Fire Light - 3:34
11.Pictures - 2:25
12.The Dream - 2:51
13.Keep On - 3:09
14.My World - 3:17
15.Don't You Feel Like Me? - 2:48
16.Good Good Donna - 3:44
17.Rainy Day - 3:58
18.On The Road Drinking Wine - 2:35
19.Baby Man - 4:41
20.Hello My Friend - 3:45

The Petards
Bernd Wippich - Vocals, Guitar (1970-1972)
Arno Dittrich- Drums (1967-1972)
Franz Binder - Drums (1967)
Hans Jurgen Schreiber - Drums (1966-1967)
Ray King - Guitar (1971)
Klaus Ebert - Back Vocals, Keyboard (1966-1972)
Rudiger "Roger" Waldmann - Bass, Back Vocals (1966-1972)
Horst Ebert - Vocals, Guitar (1966-1970)

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  1. Great band at that time !!!!
    Better than The Lords and The Rattles
    RIP Horst and Bernd

  2. Ray King (my cousin)still lives in Germany. I am very proud of his musical achievements