Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Hook - Will Grab You (1968 us, hard’n’heavy treasure unearthed)

Formed in 1968 by onetime members of LA’s Leaves, The Hook were one of the first power trios to start working similar blues-based territory mapped out by Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Well connected to the Vox amplifier company, they were, by all accounts, loud and gutsy on the West Coast ballroom circuit – though such power doesn’t always translate well on this, their first album.

The group’s driving force was undoubtedly guitarist Bobby Arlin, whose attacking playing utilised many of the new studio effects that had become available, with the rhythm section giving him a frame to climb around. The band weren’t averse to the odd quiet moment either, as with Everything’s Groovy and the somewhat incongruous addition of a glockenspiel on You Know I Do.
by Kingsley Abbott

This is actually their first album released 1968, Lizard label by mistake credit it as 1970 release.
1. Homes - 3:50
2. Lookin' For You - 3:00
3. You Know I Do - 2:30
4. Turn Your Head - 3:17
5. Son Of Fantasy - 2:30
6. Dr. B & His Friends - 3:52
7. Plug Your Head In - 2:50
8. Everything's Groovy - 1:47
9. Garbage Man - 2:15
10.Dimples (J.L. Hooker) - 2:51
All tracks by Bobby Arlin and Buddy Sklar except where noted

The Hook
*Buddy Sklar - Bass
*Craig Boyd - Drums
*Bobby Arlin - Guitar

1968  Hooked

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