Thursday, November 29, 2012

Terence - An Eye For An Ear (1969 canada, mindblowing mixture of soulful pop psych 'n' garage, Fallout 2008 reissue)

Terry Black was the Fabian of Canada and covered buttloads of Barri Sloan songs in his pop career and  had six top 40 hits in Canada as a teenager, as well as recording the cult Black Plague LP in 1966. His parents moved him to Los Angeles and he was slated to play Elvis' brother in a movie, but the deal fell through. 

This album is an attempt to go heavy ‘n’ get cred, with lotsa Hendrix rip-offs and baritone over-the-top-soul vocals (think 'Wind Cries Mary' or the Ides of March 'Vehicle'). It's got blasting fuzz solos, swinging drum breaks, lots of organ whooshing, big time brass riffs here and there. 
1. An Eye for An Ear  - 3:39
2. Rap - 3:17
3. Second City Song - 2:52
4. Power - 3:45
5. Exiles - 2:22
6. Fool Amid the Traffic - 4:23
7. Priscilla - 2:21
8. Lighting Frederick's Fire - 4:29
9. The Emperor (Richard Gael, Eric Robertson) - 4:27
10.Does It Feel Better Now - 2:41
All songs by Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II except where stated

*Terence (aka Terry Black) - Vocals, Guitar

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  1. A mindblowing mixture of pop, psych and electronica, this mysterious 1969 studio project was recorded in Toronto and New York by youthful vocalist Terry Black, who’d had six top 40 hits in Canada as a teenager, as well as recording the cult Black Plague LP in 1966. Veering from the catchy pop of Priscilla and soul-inflected Second City Blues to the experimental The Emperor and freaky Lighting Frederick’s Fire, the album features one of the greatest psychedelic tracks of all time in the fuzz blow-out 'Fool Amid The Traffic' is just totally a psychedelic masterpiece, totally warped and echoy and so stoned out. With some of that great wah wah guitar on it. Canadian vocalist Terry Black, handled all of the vocals, Richard Gael and Patrick Riccio II were apparently the brains behind this studio project. In addition to producing “An Eye For An Ear," Gael and Riccio wrote most of the material and handled the arrangements. Perhaps intended as a concept piece, the collection is certainly a product of its late 1960s release (the viva Zapata styled cover was probably intended as a symbol of revolutionary militancy). Musically, the album offers up a mix of genres propelled by Black's rugged and soulful voice, most accompanied by a not-too-subtle mix of political and social commentary ('Power', 'Exiles', etc.), some of which is quite good. Highlights include the fuzz propelled rocker 'Rap' and the Stax-flavored 'Second City Song'.

    Thx Marios!

  2. I never heard about this amazing album.Great piece of music history.Many thanks"MARIOS"...

  3. I wasnt going to touch this one and then I read adamus67's comment and was convinced thanks adamus67 & Marios

  4. Thanks Marios, found your gem whilst researching Terry Black. Regards, Bob

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